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Its headquarters can go unnoticed amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Rock. And although it is an old family home, the place serves as a refuge for a community supported by inclusion and solidarity.

It is that little would be Confluence Foundation for Health (Fundas) without the sincere support of the community.

24 years ago they settled as support and rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in the region. And despite a footprint still linked to sport, in recent years it has adopted a more complete health profile.

Tennis, soccer, petanque, swimming, art and recycling lessons, constitute the grid of proposals to which its members can access. All adults who have completed their schooling.

« Sheaths was born in 1998 in Cipolletti on the initiative of Dr. Luis Di Giacomo and other health professionals. At the time, they decided to move the headquarters to Roca. Here, with a group of mothers, we decided to give a twist to the type of rehabilitation, through sport,” he told Río Negro. Martha Ramidan, president of the NGO.

Their hard work led them to sign an agreement with Special Olympics Argentina, whereby they became several prizes in important national sports competitions.

It also gave them the impetus to become the organizers of the “The World Cup integrates us”, football tournament which hosts the winners of the country’s regional leagues.

small advances.- Although historically they have been nurtured by volunteering, since 2018 the foundation has a staff of professionals who are paid by the Provincial Council of Persons with Disabilities, through the program Management of Social Opportunities (GEST.OS). Currently a psychologist, a social worker – who has not yet been named – and two teachers make up the technical team.

“Although the strength of Fundas has always been sport, we try to go a little further. We want to help children in their family context and link them to community activitiesIn fact, we helped clean up the hospital and the river,” said Guadalupe, a psychologist at the facility.

It should be noted that the place is also chosen by students from universities in the region to carry out their internships and engaging with a sector of society that still has unresolved demands.

Classes are offered in a shed, behind the headquarters house. Photo Cesar Izza.

Urgent needs and a contribution that is not enough

Being a non-profit organization, Fundas constantly requires the generosity of neighbors.

Currently, one of your most immediate requests concerns the donation of a radiator to condition the rear shedwhere most of the workshops take place.

They also require four meter plates to be able to cover the improvised garage where the van in which they are transported rests. Although simultaneously they raise funds to carry out minor building repairs and vehicle maintenance.

“There is always a generous soul who can give us something. The ‘tata’ tightens but doesn’t catch,” says Ramidan. The woman pointed out that at the anniversary luncheon, held on the 15th, the Minister of Human Development granted an economic contribution to the entity, but it was insufficient to cover multiple requests.

Those interested in helping can contact telephone (298) 4426081 or through the page Facebook and Instagram @fundasroca.

Although Fundas’ strong point has always been sports, we try to go further and provide support on specific issues.

Guadalupe, psychologist at Fundas

They currently have four professionals who are paid with provincial contributions and provide ongoing assistance.

Ramidan chaired the entity for over 24 years. Photo Cesar Izza.

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