Starting tomorrow, Valencia hosts the biggest European event on 5G technology

Starting tomorrow, Valencia will host the biggest European event on 5G technology held this year, the V5G Days. Organized by the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with the collaboration of Mobile World Capital and AMETIC and the support of the Generalitat Valenciana and the City Council of Valencia, this event will transform Valencia during these two days in the European capital of 5G technology.

The V5G days will take place at the Auditorium Mar Rojo of the Oceanographic of Valencia. It will start at 9:30 am with a very technological opening. It will be the Cashu robot, developed by the Valencian company Fivecomm, in collaboration with the iTEAM Institute of the UPV, which will welcome the participants.

The V5G days will take place at the Red Sea Auditorium of the Valencia Oceanographic

Subsequently, the official inauguration of the event will take place, in the presence of Teresa Risk, General Secretariat for Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation; Salvador Estevan, General Manager of Digitization and Artificial Intelligence; José Capilla, rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia; Pilar Bernabé, Deputy Mayor of the Economic Model of the City Council of Valencia; and José Manuel García Duarte, Director General of Telecommunications of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Robot present at the 5G meeting in Valencia


During these two days, national and international experts from the scientific, commercial and administrative fields will discuss the present and the future of mobile technology.

“We will be able to learn more about the current status of 5G deployment in Spain and the latest advances in 5G research and development with a Spanish seal, the success stories of 5G in the country, the challenges of the industry in Spain and Europe, a topic of particular importance today , how the Spanish company is facing digital reindustrialization or the new challenges of 5G cybersecurity, among other topics. It is the largest event on 5G technology unfolding in Europe and without a doubt this is a great opportunity to know where the technology is going, to discover all that, in a short time, we will be able to do thanks to 5G… and also 6G” , underlines Narcís Cardona, director of iTEAM-UPV and coordinator of the V5GDays.

Remote inspection robots, immersive teleportation apps, 5G driving

In addition to presentations, V5G Days includes a 5G fair in which they will exhibit everything from robots for remote supervision and inspection tasks, driving applications with virtual reality glasses, mobile immersive tourist experiences with cameras 360º and 5G, smart water meters equipped with 5G technology, an immersive telepresence application, which will allow demo participants to feel teleported to another place -in this case nearby, to another part of the Oceanogràfic- and to interact with people

In addition to presentations, V5G Days includes a 5G fair in which they will exhibit robots for remote supervision and inspection tasks

Among the speakers, the participation of Federico Ruiz, director of the National 5G Observatory; Arturo Azcorra, Director General of Telecommunications and Management of Audiovisual Communication Services; Weng Tong, Huawei Wireless CTO; Pedro Mier, president of AMETIC; Eduard Martín, CIO and Director of Smart Connectivity at MWCapital; and Empar Martínez, Autonomous Secretary for the Economy.

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