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The ad is coming to Netflix, and the big unknown is what those ads will look like and how long they’ll last. We have answers.

Netflix closes the loop, to return to the starting point: television with commercials from which he promised to free us ten years ago.

After losing subscribers for the first time in 10 years, company executives panicked, so they announced drastic measures: the end of shared accounts, and a new cheaper tax with advertising. Both things should happen at the end of the year.

Netflix will play the role of guinea pig with the issue of preventing account sharing, and if it goes well, others will surely join. However, upon announcement of a new cheaper tax with advertisingthe others have signed up, including Disney+.

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What will the ads we’ll see on Netflix and Disney+ look like in these cheap subscriptions? How long will they last?

A few days ago, the Disney+ strategy was leaked. According to inside sources, he intends broadcast approximately 4 minutes of advertising per hour, reducing it in youth programs and eliminating it in children’s programs. This advertisement would be familiar, they will not accept advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or with sexual innuendo.

And what will ads look like on Netflix? The Business insider website has contacted internal Netflix sources with knowledge of the matter. According to these sources, Netflix has communicated to ad executives that it intends use pre-roll and post-roll ads, but don’t want to interrupt content.

Pre-roll ads are those that run before a chapter or movie, and post-roll, when they end. That’s to say, Netflix will show ads before and after watching content, but not in between.

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Other sources cited by Business Insider indicate that Netflix wants to run fewer ads than Hulu and HBO Max, the two platforms that already have ad-supported quotas in the United States.

These fees insert between 5 and 12 minutes of advertising for each hour of viewing, so everything indicates Netflix will run ads in a similar percentage to Disney+, around 4 minutes for every hour it airs.

In addition, the company plans to use sponsors and more product placement, that is, to insert more advertising objects in its series and films, as part of the decoration. Something he already does in Stranger Things, for example.

According to Business Insider, Netflix puts a lot of thought into what kind of ads it will use, in what format, and how to insert them. You hold meetings at the highest levels of the advertising industry, and even launches surveys with advertisersto find out how streaming-focused ads could be improved.

If all goes according to plan, the end of shared passwords and cheaper rates with advertising will come at the end of the year.

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