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But what you might not know is that Google, especially the Google Maps app, automatically keeps track of all the places you visit.

Using this information, the search engine ensures that the user has a better experience with their device, suggesting nearby restaurants, alternative routes in case of transit or public transport stops.

Although there is the option to suspend this route history, this does not delete the information already collected by the application. If you wish, you will have to delete this data manually.

Here we show you how you can view your route history on Google Maps or delete it if that’s your intention, quickly and easily.

Google Maps: this is how you see and delete your route history

To see your route history on Google Maps, the first thing you need to do is access the app. Once inside, go to the menu, which you can find by clicking on the icon of your initial email, located just next to the search bar.

In the menu, find the option “Your routes” and click on it. After a few seconds, the system will show you the information of all the places you have visited today with your smartphone, from your starting point at home, to all the shopping centers, establishments, schools and offices you have entered. .

This information includes the distance you have traveled from one place to another, your travel time and your means of transport. If you want to see your itinerary for other days, you just have to click where it says “Today”, and the application will display a calendar where you can select the date of your choice.

If you want to remove your directions from your device and at the same time ensure that Google Maps will no longer save them, follow these simple steps.

First, open the Google Maps app, then find the menu and enter the “Your directions” option. At the top of the screen, on the right side, you will find three vertical dots. Click on it.

In this menu, click on “Settings and privacy”, which will open a new screen. There you will find several options, such as “Clear Location History”, “Clear a period of Location History” or “Automatically delete Location History”, choose the one you prefer.

In this same menu, you will see an option that says “Location is enabled”, click on it and the system will take you to your Google account. On this screen you will find an active button with the caption “Go to my location”, deactivate it with one click and automatically Google Maps will stop following your routes.

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