Know who is the real journalist who inspires the protagonist of Emily in Paris

Netflix continues to launch its own increasingly successful content, one of the star romantic comedies in its catalog is “Emily in Paris”. In just a few days, the production, whose premiere took place in October 2020, has positioned itself in first place in the top 10 and its critics, torn between sympathy and those who consider that it has many stereotypes, in has made a creditor of a second season, released in December 2021, and confirmation that at least two more deliveries will be made. What few know about this production, created by Darren Star and starring Lily Collins, is that the plot of the protagonist is based on the life of a journalist.

Rebecca Leffler, who has spent more than 16 years living a dream life and working in the French capital, lent her life as inspiration. In the series, Emily is an enthusiastic young American publicist who is sent by her company to work in a French subsidiary. His life there is between successes, failures, romances, rivalries, friendships, work but above all a lot of fashion and the cultural clash between his life in New York and his experience in Paris. One of her biggest challenges and concerns was that she didn’t speak French.

In real life, something similar happened to Rebecca Leffler. The writer also came to “The City of Love” as part of his studies at Dartmouth. Then he returned to settle permanently, working for major marketing companies, as a correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter in France and as a film critic for the Canal channel. All this before devoting himself entirely to his passion of writing books.

Now, if you’re wondering how his life ended up inspiring a series for Netflix, the answer is pretty casual: While on a work trip, Leffler met a producer who later passed on his name to Darren Star. in Paris” already had part of the story in place, but she finished composing the main character based on the experience of the 30-year-old journalist. whole, and I shared all my anecdotes with him. Darren Star created this character, but there’s a lot of me in him.”

The inspiration was so great that, among the situations that happened to Emily, there are several experiences that Leffler literally lived, for example, when the protagonist’s shower breaks because of the old pipes in his apartment, so who is had to find a plumber. Another event depicted with total fidelity, the functioning of the French marketing agency, this in relation to the behavior of its boss and the difficulties of adapting to her colleagues and her work environment. Regarding the differences, she clarified that her wardrobe is not as varied as Emily’s, that no client sent her lingerie and that her neighbor did not look like Lucas Bravo.

On criticism, Leffler defends a lot of things that are seen in the show as implicitly part of reality: “I’m a cliche. I live in the Marais. I’m American in Paris. I do yoga. I am a vegetarian. There’s a lot about me that’s pure American cliché.”


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