Sport generates a social value of 9,100 million euros in Spain

The practice of physical activity and sport generates a social value of 9,100 million euros in Spain, according to the report on the social and economic impact of the sector of physical activity and sport in Spain presented this Wednesday by the Fundación España Activa within the Superior Sports Council (CSD).

This figure is divided into 2,100 million euros for the improvement of physical and mental health of these active Spaniards, 100 million euros in their individual development, 4.7 billion euros in improving their subjective sense of well-being and 2.2 billion euros in social development and community from all over Spain.

Additionally, the report indicates that Spain grew by 7% per year between 2015 and 2019, before being hit by the pandemic. Indeed, this value exceeded 10,180 million euros in 2019. After the arrival of the health crisis, this figure fell significantly during the pandemic, with more than 8 million fewer participants. However, last year, it increased by 37% compared to the previous one.

This research, whose results are still preliminary, was carried out by the Research Observatory of the Fundación España Activa in collaboration with the consulting firm 4GlobalFundación España Activa president Jaime Lissavetzky said during the organization’s annual meeting at CSD headquarters.

“There is no doubt that this Spanish government considers sport a key axis of our public policies. Not in vain, sport in itself is a determining factor in the economic and social development of our country”, assured José Manuel Franco, president of the CSD.

For Franco, sport and physical activity are two “powerful tools” for the complete training of people and an “agile vehicle” to accelerate regeneration processes, promote communication and build bridges between communities and generations. “They are also an element of economic and tourist development,” he added.

For his part, Jaime Lissavetzky explained that The main objective of the Fundación España Activa is to “promote” and “promote” the concept of sport as a transversal axis of society and a “state problem”. “Thus stimulating general interest and facilitating access to sport for all citizens, so that they can, without distinction, access a healthy way of life that brings them more hope and quality of life”, said he declared.

According to Lissavetzky, the results of this report show the great value of the practice of physical activity and sport in Spain. “With this study, we want to demonstrate in a solid and rigorous way the important social and economic value that sport and the regular practice of physical activity have for Spanish society as a whole,” he stressed.

This preliminary analysis is part of the project that the Fundación España Activa Observatory, in collaboration with EuropeActive, aims to assess the social and economic impact of promoting active living among the country’s citizens.

Likewise, This work aims to help agents of the Spanish sports ecosystem involved in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.offering relevant guidance information on its social value and associated economic impact.

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