How you can stop your carrier from doing business with your most private data

Every month, you religiously pay your telephone company for your home and cell phone Internet. Although the Spaniards pay more on average than the rest of Europe for this service, companies like Orange or Movistar (the two main telecoms in our country) do not think it is enough. That’s why they want to market your most private data: with all the information you browse on the Internet, with all the series you watch on Netflix or all the time you spend playing a video game.

Over the past few weeks, major telecommunications companies have started using a system called ‘Great Cookies’, which is nothing more than a spy that collects all the data you use on the Internet. Later, the companies you pay a fortune to every month bundle that juicy information and sell it to make a fortune.

How you can stop your carrier from doing business with your most private data

This process is meant to be anonymous, that is to say that the operators do not sell your navigation data associated with your name, but with a profile (For example, a 40-year-old man who lives in Madrid, with two children).

Vodafone is testing in Germany, with Deutsche-Telecom this new identification system for advertising. Today Broadband confirmed that in Spain Orange and Movistar implemented this format.

The system used in our country is the TrustPid token, which identifies mobile operator users when browsing the Internet to show them personalized advertisements, it is already active in Spain for customers of both companies.

TrustPid takes care of track users by assigning a fixed IP to each to identify your preferences and interests in order to create commercial profiles that operators sell to advertisers. Of course, without revealing any identifying details of the users. That is, it records information while browsing the web, such as cookies, but stores the data at the mobile internet service provider (ISP) level.

How to disable TrustPid

TrustPid cannot be disabled or blocked from web browser settings or by IP address masking. Customers must revoke their consent via a data protection portal enabled for it.

To deactivate TrustPid You will first need to access the TrustPid website via the Movistar or Orange mobile data network – there is no need to do this under a WiFi connection – and press the “Verify me” button. In addition to allowing access, it will offer you the option to stop the service. If we try with the mobile networks of O2 or Simyowith Movistar coverage in the first case and Orange in the second, will allow us to access certain occasions to stop the service, but often it will be blocked.

If we try it with a Yoigo or PepePhone connection, from Grupo MásMóvil, it will tell us that “access failed” because the mobile connection provider is not yet part of TrustPid. In other words, he does not use this spying system.

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