“They don’t know what to do to get attention, except aliens” – Publimetro México

“Alfredo Adame is crowned king of the jungle by being the winner of Soy Famoso ¡Sácame De Aqui!”, announced TV Azteca about the first edition of this reality show where its participants faced extreme challenges that pushed to the limit both physically and mentally. .

Hand in hand, Alfredo Adame and Jessica awaited the result on June 10 during a live broadcast.

“For me it is an honor to share a final of a great program with Mr. Alfredo Adame because they know him all over Mexico (…) I feel like a winner, Alfredo is really an honor, thank you for teaching me,” Jessica said minutes before Alfredo Adame was crowned “king of the jungle” in “I’m Famous, Get Me Out Of Here!”

“With 15 million 500,000 votes, we close (…) in 28 minutes, this incredible number of votes arrived”, said the presenters

“Six weeks of suffering, six weeks of leaving the skin at each challenge (…) six weeks without sex, without being able to access a comfortable bathroom, a hot shower”, underlined the animators before announcing the verdict that returned victory over Alfredo Adame, who won 1 million pesos.

Many Internet users did not agree with the result and even joked about TV Azteca’s programming, recalling the invitation to one of its morning shows for Mafe Walker, the Colombian medium who claims to communicate with extraterrestrials and speak in a foreign language.

“How shitty that Alfredo Adame is the winner when he did nothing, how for Aztec TV they don’t know what else to do to get attention other than aliens,” wrote the one of the viewers.

Comments on the triumph of Alfredo Adame

“I love Jessica so much that’s why I’m voting for Adame. I wanted Oscar or Celery to win”, “An unexpected final, (I was sure Guty and Ozkarin would be the finalists) but good for Adame , now I hope he keeps his promise to donate his prize money to “wigs for low-income girls with cancer,” netizens pointed out.

Alfredo Adame assured that he will donate the million pesos to make wigs given to girls with cancer.

“I want every low-income girl to have her wig… It’s my birthday present,” said Adame, 64.

“We ended on a high note. Over 15 million votes were cast tonight. Adame is the KING of the JUNGLE from the first season of 𝖲𝖮𝖸 𝖥𝖠𝖬𝖮𝖲𝖮 ¡𝖲𝖠́𝖢𝖠𝖬𝖤 𝖣𝖤 𝖠𝖰𝖴𝖨́! ‍”, the organizers of the reality show pointed out on their Instagram account. “Super predictable!!! He was going to leave in the first week and they pulled out of his sleeve that “Because it’s the first week nobody leaves” so that Mr. Adame does not leave, he spent his time sleeping and fighting, in l the test to classify him pulled the rope from the hands without any problem, something that did not happen with the others, especially with Guty, then he reached the final with Jessica that honestly nobody knows her and it was obvious that they were going to make up that the man won because he was known for his ‘career’. Ugly REALITY!!! OSKARIN AND GUTY REYES FROM THE JUNGLA️”, reacted one of the followers.

The comments haven’t stopped

“What a disgusting ending Mr. Adame won by manipulating his teammates and sleeping. My simple roosters were pancho, Celery and Oskarin, really disappointing”, “I was not supposed to start and from there they left it, how bad at the end, you have to keep the one who gave the drama of the happy program”, “No he deserved it without playing just by talking about others until I”, “It could not be more arranged nor they showed the votes”, wrote the netizens.

lasusa Now get over it and leave the past behind saying Celery or so and so and Perengano would have won. ADAME WON.

luceroag9 15 million votes? Where do they get that number from? If the majority has an interest in not even voting

martha_hernandez_co The ending wasn’t fair to me, the vote was more than arranged, they would have faced each other very badly like in the games

estelab782 The strategy is what Mr. Adame did and it worked congratulations

vaneelaskrez Anyway he is the winner, it’s amazing that the million pesos is given away. Yes he deserves it and who supports him

vanilla_lens Adameeeeeeeeee you are the king of the jungle!!! You deserve it and more for everything you’ve been through!!! Cheer!!! The best!!!


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