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Last year, actress and singer Demi Lovato shared with her fans that she was a non-binary person, that means He did not identify with a specific male or female gender.

“I feel like it better represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression and It makes me feel like a more authentic and faithful person.how i know who i am and what i’m still discovering,” she said at the time. “Sharing this with you guys now opens up another level of vulnerability for me,” Lovato added.

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His message was in a way an example for other artists to reveal themselves and also reflect on their identity. Precisely, the singer Sam Smith also made reference to the subject: “I am neither feminine nor masculine. I float somewhere in the middle. Sometimes I think like a woman, sometimes I sit and wonder: do I want to change my sex? (…) I don’t think I want it, ”he said in an interview.

“When I’ve met, read, and heard about non-binary people, I’ve been like, ‘Damn, that’s me. Non-binary is that. you don’t identify with a gender, you are your own creation’“said the English musician.

British singer Sam Smith

The interpreter evolves within the same framework of ideas Miley Cyrus, who on several occasions recalled that she lived on an equal footing between the feminine and the masculine and it is not identified with being a man or a woman. “I don’t need my partner to identify with it,” she added in a 2015 interview.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest stars in contemporary pop.


Alberto Valdes. ECE

At a time, Emma Corrin, the actress who played Diana of Wales in the fourth season of the Netflix series The Crown, also clarified his position on the matter in an Instagram message. She told the world that she perceived herself as non-binary with photos in which she appeared with a belt across her chest (Blinder), which is commonly used to diminish the appearance of breasts.

The crown

In ‘The Crown’, Emma Corrin played a gorgeous Diana of Wales.

“Some time ago before I bought my first school bag we used a boxing bandage, thanks for capturing that with me, very intimate, very new. It’s quite a trip, isn’t it? Lots of twists and changes, and that’s good! Take it”he wrote last year.


Ruby Rose in a scene from the series

As also happened to model and actress Ruby Rose, who repeatedly spoke out about gender roles and made it clear that she felt better within the gender fluid group. “I feel like it’s all about how I dress, what I talk about, how I look and how I feel.and it makes me happy… I really feel in a more neutral place,” he once said.



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