Tourism, from the vision of technological entrepreneurs

This Wednesday, a meeting of entrepreneurs convened by Endeavor was held to present the results of research on tourism and technology in times of covid-19, which we have already discussed in this column. In this meeting of young people who develop technological applications for tourism, a first interesting element is that the participants agreed that the decision of the Mexican government to keep the country open was the right one.

In fact, they celebrated that Mexico climbed to the top positions as a recipient of international tourists and there were no critical comments on the disastrous handling of the pandemic, which claimed the lives of many more people, commensurate with the global context.

But, in addition, his vision is that the future will be very positive, because, although it arrived late in Mexico, it is consolidating itself as the country in Latin America that obtains the best results in the field of travel and technology.

they were there Maricarmen Herreriasco-founder of Kasai; Andres Sucrefrom Reserved; Juan Carlos Zuazua CEO of VivaAerobus, and Joshua Giofounder of Guru Hotel.

To a question from the author of this space, who moderated the roundtable, Zuazua did not seem particularly concerned about the issues that apparently dominate the conversation on aeronautics in Mexico.

Neither the battles for the allocation of slots nor the pressure to generate more operations at Felipe Ángeles Airport, nor inflation or the global recessionary panorama seem to keep him awake at night.

Instead, he revealed that using big data, his company is looking for new point-to-point routes that meet passenger demand without having to go through airports in the Mexico City metropolitan area.

In addition, he says, they see significant opportunities in the development of aeronautical applications related to facial recognition and the identification of alternative means of payment, in a country where banking penetration remains limited.

Indeed, he revealed that Viva was reviewing an option to add cryptocurrencies to its payment methods menu.

He also assumed that with the pandemic, a large number of business trips will have been permanently lost, as he no longer sees returning travelers who have traveled to close sales within the country or the continent, even going to other continents, since all of this will continue to be done largely by videoconference.

Sucre said there are still huge opportunities to improve the experience of travelers and save them time and resources compared to means of transport.

Herrerías felt that players in the world of technology and travel are increasingly willing to communicate and support each other.

While Gio encouraged entrepreneurs to look for new financing options, as there is an appetite in the market to support tourism and technology projects, although, perhaps, with more limited amounts than those offered by the big ones. Investment Funds.

Today’s new players in business and technology seem much less concerned than entrepreneurs of yore about receiving government support and see that they will make a lot of money if they help make markets more efficient and more profitable businesses.


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