Apple is working on a new augmented reality device

Augmented reality seems to be increasingly used in mainstream devices. Attempts at glasses with this technology have already been seen, such as Google Glasses and Meta Quest, inventions that aim to revolutionize the way humans interact with their everyday devices.

Although Google and Meta have already entered this market, Until now, nothing but rumors had been heard about Apple’s involvement. in the new technique.

It wasn’t until Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 that Apple’s Executive Director, Tim Cook, told ‘China Daily’ media what excited he is for new Apple products that will support this technology.

“I’m incredibly excited about virtual reality (VR), as you may know, and the fundamental thing in any technology, including VR, is putting humanity at the center. That’s what we we focus every day,” he told the outlet.

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What will the new product be?

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the Apple company has only innovated and revolutionized the world of mobile devices. It is for this reason that the fans of the brand are very eager to know what will be the next step in terms of virtual reality.

Tim Cook at this year’s Apple event.

I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities in this space. Stay tuned and you will see what we have to offer,” the executive said.

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Although there was talk of Apple’s new invention will be headphones or glasses, the truth is that Cook did not reveal many detailsbut he was very optimistic about the incursion of VR technology into his virtual stores.

“For example, we have 14,000 augmented reality kit apps in the App Store that bring augmented reality experience to millions of consumers around the world,” he assured for the aforementioned support.

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According to US media, Apple’s new glasses would have a security operations center similar to the M1present on several Mac devices. In addition, the screens would be Oled 4K and the operating system would have an application store.

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