Here’s How Your Home Decor Influences Your Mental Health

The Mental Health It is one of the most discussed topics in recent years, thanks to the efforts of several psychology experts who have tried to make visible its importance and the impact of stress and anxiety, among other problems, in life. everyday life of contemporary citizens.

Thus, it is increasingly important to know all the aspects of our life that we can modify, or rather improve, in order to remain mentally healthy and strong and to be able to manage our emotions effectively, since we live in a hectic world that many times it can take us to the limit, causing us serious health problems.

We already know the importance of a correct diet and the moderation in the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other substances harmful to our health, in addition to the benefits that the physical activity adequate to our abilities and possibilities and some sleeping habits appropriate. However, many people are unaware of the vital importance of keeping our well decorated house when it comes to taking care of our mental health. For this reason, we will comment on a series of guidelines to follow so that our home is a temple in which to keep the stress and anxiety of everyday life at bay:

  • Get rid of anything you don’t use to decongest your space. Remember that for many people, the minimalist decor of the house is a pleasing visual element that helps to associate it with feelings of peace and tranquility. If you’re one of them, you’ll start to notice the difference every time you walk through the door of your home by following these tips.
  • Keep in touch with him fresh air and outside light, opening windows and curtains to release the atmosphere of your home. Also try to spend time walking, especially in natural areas, to further promote these positive effects. On the other hand, remember to direct your sofas, armchairs and seats in general towards the windows to stay in tune with the outside.
  • Make sure the decorative pieces you add to your home convey positive feelings like peace, tranquility and joy. Light and soft colors are generally recommended, as well as elements that convey other pleasant emotions such as nostalgia or motivation. Another recommended element are decorative and aromatic plants, which will bring nature into your space, allowing you to stay in tune with the outside environment.
  • Yes you telecommute, dedicate a specific space in your home to each work session. In this way, you will be able to set limits between work and rest and leisure within your space, avoiding episodes of stress that can worsen.

Although it is not related to decoration, it is also recommended to celebrate parties and gatherings inside the house. This will help form positive memories and convey the emotions of pleasant experiences to the space itself, making every corner a pleasant memory for when we need it most.


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