FIFA changes VAR and will use new anti-offside technology at Qatar 2022 – Juventud Rebelde

ZURICH, July 3.- The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the supreme body of world football, is seeking to automate the collection of offsides, in order to eliminate the margin of error presented by human intervention. In recent years and with the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) as a standard, FIFA has tried to modernize football more and more.

Thus, the appearance of new technologies to optimize the application of the rules is already commonplace and the entity has begun to test a new tool within the framework of an event organized in Spain. All with a focus on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

During the FIFA EPTS event, football’s highest body tested a tool that aims to optimize the offside rule, always with the highest degree of justice possible. Concretely, the idea of ​​FIFA is that the application of the rule is automatic, without human intervention which presents a margin of error.

All as part of the mission to modernize football led by former French coach Arsène Wenger, director of sports development at FIFA. In this way, he seeks to install a system of cameras and focal points placed on the body of the players as part of their clothing, reports the site.

Everything, with the horizon that the tools are not invasive for footballers. With the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium as the stage, the test was carried out and Sevilla issued a statement to that effect, which was also accompanied by a video of the exams. One of the puzzles is applying the controversial offside rule more rigorously and using as little time as possible. This rule has evolved a lot during the history of football. However, he has not ceased to spark controversy, the statement said.

The goal is the application of automatic offside, where there is no human intervention. This path is not easy and requires many tests so that everything is calibrated and the technology is not invasive. It’s Wenger’s obsession, part of the official communication says.

The ball will contain an inertial measurement unit (IMU) inside, which will send a data packet 500 times per second to the video room, allowing it to accurately detect the exact moment it is hit. In addition, the new improvement will be accompanied by twelve cameras installed under the roof of each stadium to capture the movements of the ball and up to 29 data points for each player.

With the mixture of data from the extremities of the players and the ball, and thanks to artificial intelligence, the new technology provides an automatic warning to the video room whenever an attacker who was in an offside position receives a ball .

To corroborate your guess before reporting it to the head referee, the video-refereeing team will manually check the exact time of the shot provided by the data, as well as the automatically created offside line. As it only lasts a few seconds, the process allows for quicker and more accurate decisions, experts say.


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