Lack of salmon for sushi opens opportunity for Newsan’s food business

The replacement of Chilean salmon with national fish in Argentinian sushi restaurants represents an opportunity for Newsan. In addition to being one of the country’s leading manufacturers of household appliances and electronics, the Foods division of the group of companies founded by Rubén Cherajovsky It is the largest fish producer and exporter, with its sustainable rainbow trout farming project in Patagonia, in which it has invested $22 million.

Due to import barriers and the soaring dollar, more and more gastronomic companies stopped buying salmon from the Transandean country and started using local raw materials to prepare this dish of Japanese cuisine, which today suffers the consequences of restrictions and devaluation.

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Although Newsan has yet to see a significant increase in demand, they recognize that an increase could be generated. In this context, the company reorient its marketing towards the domestic market.

“Faced with this current situation, sometimes the export volume may be a little delayed to mainly focus on local“, Explain Miguel Glikman, director of Newsan Food, business unit created in 2014 and supplies various distributors and food chains with its rainbow trout.

About, a group of 60 gastronomic entrepreneurs who make up the Club Gastro Japo group announced to their customers that they would use Argentinian fish in their preparations. Every moment of crisis is an opportunity try, change our habits, look for our strengths. Our sushi man Yes sushi woman they don’t shy away from the lack of salmon. National fishing has so many riches and this is your chance to try it. Each place with its version, but with the national white fish as the protagonist“, explained the entity on its Instagram account.

Newsan’s Rainbow Trout Farming Plan

Newsan Food’s aquaculture development considers foreign exchange generation from export trout to various markets around the world, as well as domestic sourcing and import substitution, because it is a species that competes directly with salmon. These goals are part of the division’s original business plan,” says Glikman.

The environmentally friendly rainbow trout farming project, carried out in collaboration with the Salmon Trout Company, takes place in the Limay basin, in disease-free waters in Neuquén and Río Negro, certified by the National Service for Health and Food Quality (Senasa) and the World Organization for Animal Health (Omsa).

Newsan’s sustainable aquaculture project required an investment of $22 million.

It was an investment of $22 million and the creation of 250 jobs. Previous reach a volume of 13,000 tonnes in its first five years. To extend your reach, a new factory will be set up in Barilocheallowing the shipment of fresh products to different destinations.

Two weeks ago, it started selling in Japan. As, managed to enter the demanding Asian country. In addition to this first shipment of rainbow trout that I made, Newsan food participates in the entire fishing value chain, capture, freezing, storage, marketing and sale of other species, such as prawns, squid, hubbsi and black hake.

The technologies implemented in recent years in aquaculture have led us to strengthen ourselves, whichIt presents a strategic challenge. The natural conditions of Argentina for this type of crops are a great opportunity, contribute to currency earnings, the advancement of regional economies and the growth of the industry by taking care of the ecosystem,” the executive states.

Newsan and his fishing business

This vertical operates more than 40 fishing vessels, nine of which are owned, and has 12 processing plants and three cold rooms. Exports to more than 70 countries, including Brazil, Chile, Peru, United States, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Ukraine, China, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam .

In just eight years, Newsan managed to become the leading fish exporter in Argentina. Originally, it started its activities in the appliance industry, with the marketing of iconic brandslike Noblex, Atma, Philco, Siam and Sansei, among other labels that make up its catalog.

In just eight years, Newsan has managed to become the leading exporter of fish products in Argentina.

Later, she entered the world of fishing under the administration of Guillermo Moreno, forced to balance her trade balance with fish exports. import electro itemsconditioned by the policy of the Secretary of Internal Commerce at the time, to “offset” every dollar that left the country.

Cristina Kirchner raised this point in the act of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) for Flag Day in June, when he denounced an “import party”. Alluding to the lack of dollars, The vice president mentioned the Newsan case, although without naming the company, as an example of how the Central Bank’s dollar shortage was solved years ago.

What have we done? We kindly suggested that you find an activity that would balance the scales. He bought boats, devoted himself to fishing and during the four years the ‘quetedije’ fared better than what he did in Tierra del Fuego“, mention. This is how Newsan embarked on this export business which seeks to continue its growth.


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