To succeed, you must eliminate these 5 people (according to Harvard)

There are people who can lead to success, a mentor for example, but there are others who are like emotional vampires, that the only thing they do is destroy your confidence, stop your personal and professional growth, affect your quality of life and leaving you trapped in a situation in which you will never achieve your goals and objectives.

Harvard Health says having good relationships can help you have good physical and mental health, and having happy friends also helps you be happier, and having friends at work can help with productivity, but you also need to knowing that bad relationships have the opposite effect.

In fact, the doctor Ralph Rybackof Harvard Medical School, written in psychology today that there are 5 types of people in particular who are destroying you little by little and who you should eliminate from your life without thinking twice.

We all need a good network of people around us, but we can fall into the trap of those who bring us nothing.

To succeed, you have to eliminate these 5 people (according to a Harvard expert)

According to the expert, the relationships we have have a big impact on our lives, some can help us go far, but others can make us want to live, frustrated, stressed or feel inadequate, and none of that is not part of the recipe for success (or happiness).

Some people need to be eliminated.


The aggressive passive

This is common toxic behavior. answer says it is people who express their anger through small actions that are not so clear and they don’t lead to open communication, and the problem is that they’re the type of person who constantly makes you feel like you have to be careful around them, or believe you’re always doing something wrong, which which undoubtedly affects your health and safety mindset.

the antisocial

It’s not about someone who has trouble socializing, but someone who already has a antisocial personality disorder, which can go hand in hand with negative qualities, such as a lack of empathy with others or never accepting blame for one’s own actions. These are people who have no problem doing things that can affect you.

The critic (who is not constructive)

answer says that it must be taken into account that “criticism is not the same as advice”. What you need is someone who can give you feedback and comments that help you correct certain issues and attitudes, not someone who is always judging you or insulting you because that can affect negatively affect your performance, your motivation and your desire to continue working. .

The one who neither shares nor communicates

Ryback calls him the “Stonewaller” and refers to people who don’t share their feelings and emotions on important issues, which areWe refuse to have open and healthy conversations, and make you feel unworthy of their trust and honesty. With this type of person it is very difficult to establish a good relationship, and this is negative both personally and professionally.

narcissistic people

The problem of narcissists is that they can be very harmful to others, they are not good at teamwork, they lack empathy and they always want to be the center of attention, so the expert says that they can end up crushing you or stealing the show when you deserve it. Having a narcissist in your life can drain your energy.


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