5 reliable Fintechs to fund your business

Fintech is a growing industry in which companies rely to provide more efficient, fast and reliable services through which it is easier to finance a business or personal finance. These companies offer services such as online payment methods, pre-approved loans, money transfers, investment management, and many other technology solutions that aim to automate and improve business finances.

Over the years, the number of Fintech in Mexico has grown significantly. So there are several global and domestic investors who are in this field. Additionally, Mexico has a fintech law that helps regulate services and guarantees security for companies affiliated with these companies.

In this way, there are hundreds of Fintechs in Mexico that can help you finance your business, however, here we share 5 of the most reliable:

1.- Clip

Clip is a Mexican fintech that has revolutionized Mexico for its work model. This company offers a mobile payment terminal that can be used in any business and easily accepts all cards. It also provides easy-to-access solutions for SMEs to accelerate their digitization.


This company is responsible for facilitating comparison, management, advice and access to financial products. With the help of artificial intelligence and through a short questionnaire, Coru is able to determine which financial services customers need and which product best suits their needs.

3.- Fair credit

One of the best fintechs to receive funding for your business is Credijusto. This company has an online lending platform intended to offer loans to SMEs. Average credit models focused on your business performance do not require consideration of the owner’s credit history.

4.- Konfio

Konfío is specially designed to provide fast and affordable online loans to SMEs and other businesses. Its credit assessment method is based on technology, data sources and artificial intelligence. They also offer financial services to improve business management and offer online training.

5.- Financial Kubo

As one of the few 100% regulated digital finance companies in the country, Kubo Financiero offers savings accounts, personal loans and term deposits through a model that allows them to offer lower interest rates and higher rates of return than the competition.

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