ViX+ presents the María Félix bioseries far from controversial and like a dream

The story of overcoming, courage and the struggle of Marie Felix in the middle of the golden age of mexican cinema It will be released in a few days on ViX+.

Producer Carmen Armendáriz said in an interview for The list that what she seeks with this story is that women can know how she stood out within her society.

“(That) They realize everything a woman from 1914 has done. He never allowed himself to be belittled by anyone, neither by his father nor by anyone; a very impressive woman; with awesome life and life force,” he commented.

The producer added that Marie Felix. the Lady It was the most difficult project of her career and the one that gave her the most satisfaction, but she knew how to move forward with the best professionals, among whom was the director Mafer Suarez.

Mafer Suárez said she never thought this project would become a reality, as she had planned for 10 years that a production on the Lady.

With the performers of María Félix, producer Carmen Armendáriz and director Mafer Suárez. Photo: Néstor Ramírez Vega / La-Lista

“Talking about one of the most important women is also a privilege, it’s a blind passion and I think that’s what is reflected in a project made with determination and that we face for love,” he said. he commented.

Contrary to what happened with the series of Vicente Fernandezthe director said that this production had no complications with the figure of the star, because unlike the Charro de Huentitan she’s already been dead for 20 years.

“The man’s corpse was still warm, I think that was the biggest complication. In the case of María, 20 years have already passed and fortunately there is no studied biography, this has left us given a lot of freedom on what of all this long life we ​​could say how it was formed, “he commented.

ViX+ presents the María Félix bioseries far from controversial and like a dream - maria_felix_serie_vix_televisaunivision_elenco_sandra_echeverria-1280x961
The cast of the “María Félix” series is led by Sandra Echeverría, Ximena Romo and Abril Vergara. Photo: Néstor Ramírez Vega / La-Lista

“Legally, everything was very clear, it was difficult because producing a series like this in Mexico is very expensive,” added director Mafer Suárez.

Sandra Echeverría, who plays María Félix as an adult, said that five years ago they did characterization tests. On this occasion, her mother accompanied her and when she came out dressed as a diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema, her mother and Carmen Armendáriz burst into tears.

“For me, it was like a shock. We recorded some videos and that’s when the adventure of setting up the project began,” recalls the actress and singer.

Ximena Romo, who is also another of the stars who plays the winner of Ariel, like April Vergara, commented that this project came to her at a time when the star was talking to her about the need to seek her power and her voice as as an artist and as a woman.

“María is magical, it’s something beyond life and the fact that Carmen (Armendáriz) spoke to me and trusted me… It was the first time I said ‘This character is for me’, there was something that tied me to her in a special way,” he said.

April Vergara, at the age of 15, got her first big role playing María Félix as a child. For her, the diva is a big idol and claims to like her way of acting, her personality and her character.

“I didn’t know much about her story, but when they told me she stayed, I started investigating her. When I found out she was a recognized actress in Mexico, I was much more interested,” he added.

Marie Felix. the Lady will premiere on ViX+ on July 21. The biographical series will have eight chapters.

Ximena: Appropriate my beauty.

In addition to María Félix, ViX+ is launching the devil woman

On July 21, in addition to the bioseries of the great diva of Mexican golden cinema, the series will arrive on ViX+ the devil womanwhich revolves around a story of obsession between a psychopath and a woman.

Production co-stars Carolina Miranda (lady steel) and Jose Ron (the unloved). It also features performances by Adriana Louvier, José Pablo Minor, Azu Guaita, Mónica Dionne, Alejandro Calva, Ianis Guerrero, Marco Tostado, Rodolfo Arias, Samadhi Zendejas, Sofía Lamas, Jonathan Islas and Ariane Pellicer.

ViX+ presents the María Félix bioseries far from controversial and like a dream - la_mujer_del-diablo_vix-1280x961
Photo: Néstor Ramírez Vega / La-Lista

Adriana Louvier said during the red carpet that she hopes this series shows the concerns of women, in addition to bringing to the table the dangers they present and also how they finally remove fear to protect themselves in women.

Carolina Miranda told a conference from Colombia that the devil woman first consider what we mean.

“At the level of a woman and being Mexican and going through this series of circumstances, it’s very strong to say what this girl is going through.”

the devil woman It will arrive as the María Félix series on July 21 on ViX+.

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