How to limit app usage by occupying technology

According to a study by the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, not using social networks for a week contributes to people’s well-being. The results were published in the journal Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking, after a survey of 154 people aged 18 to 72, who after taking a break from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok showed less anxiety, recovering eight hours of their time. the week.

“Social media algorithms are designed to keep us connected all the time. In simple terms, an algorithm is an already structured step whose objective is to specify a task which, in this case, was based on the activity that we record: likes, visits and interests. For this reason, social networks often generate fun and addiction to screens,” says Felipe Mancini, CEO of Asimov Consultores, a software and mobile application development company.

In Chile, there are more than 16 million active users on social networks, of which 98.8% prefer to access platforms from mobile phones. The trend has increased further during the pandemic; According to the statistics portal Statista, our country is the first in Latin America with the highest penetration in platforms.

“If it is true that today we are more connected than before, a reasoned use of applications will always be adequate. In this sense, studies like those of the University of Bath or similar ones are important indicators that invite us to become aware of the necessary integration of common routines in people’s lives, such as playing sports or sharing in front of face with others,” says the expert.

The executive of Asimov Consultores agrees on the need for a “respite” from social networks, but not before seven days. “A great idea to avoid falling into excessive connection can be the progressive use of platforms. Device technology, for example, helps optimize browsing time,” he argues, showing a handy guide for users.

“If your phone’s operating system is iOS, you need to go to Settings, Communication limits, Add limit, Choose apps and schedule usage time. On Android, meanwhile, after going in Settings, the next thing is Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls, Panel, Apps and finally, Regular,” Mancini clarifies and completes:

“Now too, there are many apps that users can download for better monitoring and control, including Zario for iOS and AppDetox for Android. For both operating systems, there are others like KidsLox or Space”.

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