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Meeting between the government delegate, Pilar Bernabé (on the left), and the vice-president of the Generalitat, Aitana Mas, this Monday in Alicante.PILAR BARNABAS (PILAR BARNABAS)

At least two users of a mental health center in Elda (Alicante) have reported having suffered some type of sexual assault or abuse by one of the center’s guards, as confirmed by the vice president of the Valencian Generalitat and Head of the Regional Cabinet for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Aitana Mas. The case, revealed in the first week of July by one of the people involved, is being investigated, with the alleged attacker removed from office and the victims, one of whom is protected by the Generalitat, are protected.

According to Mas ministry sources, it was one of the victims who told his sister and legal guardian what happened. He assured, as his sister told the officials of the center, that one of the guards had made proposals of a sexual nature. The relative immediately reported the situation to management, who activated protocols related to sexual assault cases and called a meeting of a team of psychologists and social workers. The next decision was to listen to the victim in a situation where they felt comfortable and safe. And so he related the facts as he had explained them to his relative.

During her testimony, the alleged victim revealed that there was another young woman who had also been abused or assaulted by the same guard. This second victim is the one who is under the guardianship of the Ministry of Equality and ratified in another meeting with specialists everything that her partner had shared. The centre’s management has reported the case to the National Police, who are continuing to investigate the events, although they do not at this time detail any progress that may have occurred. From Equality, they claim the goalkeeper has been removed from his role, although they cannot confirm whether he has been arrested or not.

During an appearance that took place today in the sub-delegation of the government of Alicante, where Mas met the new government delegate of the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabé, the vice-president of the Consell also confirmed that his cabinet had sent an inspection to the specific Center for the mentally ill and day center of Elda, where the events would have occurred and which is managed by the company Eulen, to “verify that all obligations have been met” and that “the protocols have been successfully activated”. In this same center, a week before these cases were reported, at the end of June, two detainees were involved in a violent altercation during which one of them suffered serious burns and remains hospitalized.

Mas and Bernabé also indicated that the investigation into a possible rape suffered by a minor under the guardianship of the Generalitat in a center in Valencia is continuing. Also in this case, they indicated that the victim, who is admitted to La Fe hospital in the regional capital, is under protection and that the alleged attacker is relieved of his responsibilities.

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