This is the story of the rise, fall and resurrection of the Amauta Coliseum

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The Amauta Coliseum It is a silent witness of the great joys that Peruvian volleyball gave us in the best period of its history, of the great performances of the artists of the moment and of the emblematic television programs.

For all the “guys” already in their 40s, whether you’ve ever been there or not, the Amauta Coliseum is a guaranteed benchmark of 80s entertainment.

However, few people know its origins and what its current situation is, because while it could still be used for large-scale shows, its current owners preferred to give it away. other uses.

Conchita Cintron (1922-2009) (Andean)

What we still call the Amauta Coliseum today was originally the Monumental square of Chacra Ríos and its construction began in the early 1940s. The main idea was to use it for bullfights.

The inauguration was a great success and the bullfighting star of the time, Conchita Cintrón, called “the blonde goddess of bullfighting”, was chosen as godmother.

The chronicles of the time say that from 1949 to 1951 the traditional bullfighting fair of the Lord of Miracles was held here.

But Mother Nature feared other plans, as due to high winds blowing in the area, she opted to return to the Acho Square.

(La Prensa newspaper)
(La Prensa newspaper)

Due to this situation, the monumental square of Chacra Ríos was gradually forgotten and abandoned, because no one could think of a better use for such a place.

It was not renovated until the mid-1960s and the characteristic roof that it still has today was added.

Already officially a coliseum, it was acquired by the powerful company Panamericana Televisión in 1981.

This is precisely where a new life begins, because the television channel began to use it for the great events it organized, such as Miss Universe 1982, the Women’s Volleyball World Championship of 1982, the OTI Song Festival of that year, the Miss Peru elections of 1983, 1984 and 1985, the first three editions of Miss South America in the same series of years, musical presentations such as Raphaelle Carra in 1983, Stereo soda Yes GIT in 1987 and indochina in 1988, several editions of the grand finale of Trampoline to fame, the grand gala dinner of the first 25 years of Panamericana in 1984, Ricky Martin was another of the great artists who visited the colossus in 1992, Enrique Iglesias in 1995. It also served as the gigantic set for the hugely successful children’s program cloud light until 1995.


After the fall of Fujimorato, Panamericana Televisión plunged into an economic crisis from which it was very difficult to emerge. Consequently, the maintenance of the Coliseo Amauta ceased to be one of its priorities and it was almost abandoned to its fate.

Hardly so finally it was used by certain religious organizations for their meetings for the circus season in July.

It wasn’t until 2008 that there was an attempt to salvage the site and turn it into the Great Amauta Convention Center.

Unfortunately, all the plans I had Peruvian Race Productions SACthe company that took over the concession of the site, went bankrupt after learning that a bank had threatened to seize any activity taking place there because of the debt it owed.

So once again the Amauta was abandoned, leaving it at the mercy of thieves and villains who took it apart bit by bit.

(Living Water)
(Living Water)

For the year 2009, the Living Water Christian Community He bought the coliseum by paying, according to information at the time, an amount that varied between 24 and 30 million soles.

After a deep remodeling, the place is now used for periodic meetings organized by the aforementioned Christian group and some of a political nature. Without a doubt, a place full of great and good times that will never return.


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