There will be investments in health and tourism in Cuernavaca: Paladino – El Sol de Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca will seek to establish itself as one of the most important cities in Central America, so according to what the municipal secretary of tourism and economic development, Humberto Paladino Valdovinos said, will bet on a major project in the health sectorin addition to being part of a tourist corridor that begins in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco and ends in Acapulco.

Paladino Valdovinos pointed out that with the health sector project It will seek to build one of the most important specialized hospitals in the country, which will promote the creation of jobs in its construction, even agreements with different universities specializing in health.

“Let this serve as an opportunity for investors to see what Cuernavaca has to offer,” he explained.

On the tourism side, he says, it will seek to strengthen the tourist corridor where Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco and Acapulco are locatedfor which he reiterated that it is of the utmost importance to pay particular attention to the more than 46 travel agencies that exist in the municipality, since this would seek to make Cuernavaca a tourist destination, “the health sectors and tourism would be very important economic detonators,” he explained.

Cuernavaca is a great opportunity for investorss, however, they still have to work on increasing security, “we need public security, but the facilities and the attention we give to all investors will help us show that Cuernavaca is an important tourist corridor not only for what it means to be in the center of the country, but for all that it has to offer,” added the municipal official.

Regarding tourist receptionthe tourism secretary said the latest reduction in hotel occupancy50% of their occupancy had been detected.

Finally, he stressed that the plans for the business sector to remain in Cuernavaca are to keep the doors open and to be in constant communication with the chambers of commerce, as well as to give them the support of the municipal administration, with from which it will also seek to strengthen already established businesses by supporting faster approval of licenses of different lines of business.

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