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According to the specialized site Revista Motor, by putting nitrogen in the tires there are clear advantages but above all not very functional. If we manage to inflate the tire with pure nitrogen, when it heats up on long journeys, at very high speed, the pressure does not increase and it then maintains the exact tread and in the ideal shape. If this happens, the grip of the rubber will be the best. However, in normal automobile traffic, even on the motorway, it is very unlikely that the tire will heat up enough to benefit from this property.

Benefits of Nitrogen

  • Filling tires with nitrogen will make the tire harder, which will make it harder to deform.
  • Nitrogen allows for a minimal increase in internal gas force in the rim at very high operating temperatures.
  • Avoid pressure losses, for example through valves, small pores or the seal between rim and tire.
  • Extends the life of tires and rims.
  • In the event of a puncture, tires inflated with nitrogen tend to lose pressure more slowly.

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Disadvantages of Nitrogen

  • Additional price.
  • Loss of effect if the tire needs to be filled with normal air.
  • It is not always available.

How to choose a good tire

Choosing the ideal tire for a vehicle, especially a sports one, is a very relevant question because making the wrong decision regarding the model, brand or type of tire can lead to problems with handling, fuel efficiency and even tire wear. tires. Experts say that the type of driving is very important when choosing the ideal tire for a sports car, because they need more grip and stability. In addition, you must take into account the type of roads you are driving on, because if it is a 4×4 vehicle, you need high performance tires; while if we use the vehicle only in the city, such as an SUV, low rolling resistance tires should be chosen.

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megamax, a supermarket belonging to Corporación Favorita, has two brands in this segment: Continental Tire and General Tire, they are tires made of rubber, steel and more than 10 additional raw materials, ideal for commercial vehicles that adapt to different conditions weather, because whether wet or dry, giving better response on the road. Their designs ensure greater handling and better response to steering wheel turns.

In the case of sports cars, the ideal is to maintain the parameters established by the manufacturer for tires such as rims, which include size, load indexes, speed, and in some cases homologations, express the specialists . Photo: Courtesy of Continental

sports car tires

Continental ContiSportContact™ 5P tyre: A tire produced with the highest technology, offers safety and grip for SUVs and sports cars. It has high performance thanks to its excellent braking capacity and maximum grip on dry and wet surfaces.

ContiSportContact™ 5P, ideal for SUVs and sports cars. Photo: Courtesy of Continental


  • 3D grooves with 45° angles on the edges of the tread blocks.
  • Ultra-flat tread contour.
  • Flexible “macro block” design with rigid center ribs.

Hankook Dynapro Hp2 Tire: Created to provide better traction on dry and wet surfaces, with great resistance in the tread, better directional response and handling. It meets all SUV requirements, including excellent wet performance, low noise, low rolling resistance and excellent mileage.

Dynapro Hp2 offers excellent wet performance and excellent mileage, among other features. Photo: Courtesy of Hankook Tire.


  • Improved handling on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Comfortable and silent circulation.
  • Optimized to deliver superior performance. (YO)

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