Arden Cho stars in “Partner Track” | Entertainment

As Arden Cho headed into the final stages of her audition for the new Netflix series “Partner Track,” she had a good idea of ​​the job after a Zoom meeting with the producers.

“I think it was an hour and a half session with producers, quite long. I remember when it was over, one of my best friends from Hawaii was visiting and waiting in the living room. She said, ‘Oh, I can breathe now. I haven’t breathed for an hour and a half. I’m very nervous, how did it go?’. I looked at her and said, ‘I think I have a job, I think I have this one. Fortunately, he was right.”

In “Partner Track,” which opens Friday, Cho plays Ingrid Yun, a lawyer whose goal is to be a partner at the firm she works for, which is run like a boys’ club in New York City. She’s great at her job, but has to deal with microaggressions and favoritism towards her male and mostly white colleagues. Professional expectations always come first for Ingrid, so her personal life takes a back seat. With her family, friends and boyfriend, she is always late and she usually apologizes.

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