They organize a basketball tournament to promote adapted sports – La Jornada Estado de México

On September 10, a wheelchair basketball tournament will be held in the municipality of Metepec, which will receive teams from different municipalities of the entity and some from other states with the aim of promoting this sport, which is considered to have little space for its development. .

Regarding the meeting, Israel González, administrative assistant of the Adapted sports in the magic city he explained that it will be an octagonal

The basketball tournament is to promote adaptive sports

“What we intend with the tournament is to make adapted sports more widely known in the Toluca Valley and in this case, mainly wheelchair basketball, we will have the participation of eight teams and we will be visited by Hidalgo, Guerrero and the national team of Morelos; from the state come from Tultitlán, the team of the National Institute of Rehabilitation, Ecatepec and the host team which is Fénix Metepec,” said González.

He considered that this modality did not have the opening for its development, something that they try to fight with these events.

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