UV performs a comprehensive health screening for newly admitted youth; the details – Diario de Xalapa

The University of Veracruz (UV) began in its five regions the Complete health examination (ESI) to the newly admitted student community, in order to know the state of health of those who join this house of studies, to detect latent diseases and probable future risks that may reduce their academic performance.

In Xalapa, on the first day of the activities of this exercise, the medical students went to the University Clinic for Sexual and Reproductive Health (CUSRS) to collect samples corresponding to the clinical laboratory tests.

Arturo Aguilar Yes, Director General of the Academic Domain of Health Sciences, led the formal act and mentioned that this activity constitutes a transcendental element in the Work Program 2021-2025 of the current rectoral administration, whose axis is linked to the health and sport for all students.

He called the ESI strategic because it is a basic assessment to know how they arrive and have an impact throughout their university career; To do this, he said that a series of structures are being developed to bring them closer to health services according to their needs.

Aguilar Ye pointed out that work is also underway so that it is not just an initial assessment, but other intermediate assessments are carried out to verify that students have no damage to their health, and in those that register a certain probability, take the relevant actions to remedy and/or prevent them.

Xalapa, the region that most serves students with ESI

Guillermo Alarcón Contreras, coordinator of the ESI in the Xalapa region, announced that this is where the greatest number of students are served, so they have planned, from August 24 to March 28, 2023, six thousand 692 services which They include clinical laboratory tests (at the CUSRS), general medical, dental, nutritional, psycho-pedagogical, psychosocial and nursing aspects, which will be carried out in the premises of the Health Sciences Unit.

The main feature is that only the student can see his results by accessing the “ESI” page with his username and password, so that he can follow the recommendations made in each area where he has been attended and, if necessary, can send you a message to report to the external consultation module for your attention.

Live in a healthy university

For its part, Alejandro Escobar Mesa, Director of CUSRS, said that for UV it is important to live in a healthy university and announced that the National Health and Nutrition Surveys (Ensanut) indicate that Mexico faces two serious problems : high levels of overweight and obesity, and little physical activity on the part of the young population.

According to Ensanut, young people today compared to those of the 80s have 70% less physical activity, which is reflected in most of the diseases that afflict the population.

The student Andrea Jimena Gutiérrez Hernández considered that the application of the ESI is opportune, because it gives them the possibility of knowing their current state of health; She said she was satisfied with the care provided by the laboratory staff, attentive at all times to her reaction to the collection of the sample.

Isa María Ameca Acosta considered that this exercise “is a good idea, since many people are not used to checking their health every time, and it helps us to know what diseases or pathologies they may have at coming”.

Josué Bárcenas García thanked the UV for taking an interest in the health of those it trains to become professionals. Meanwhile, Christofer Hernández Mojica said that “it’s pretty cool and cool that they are interested in our health, and so we also know how we are”.

At the start of the ESI were Irene Hernández Guevara, general supervisor of the exam; Mónica Sandoval García, director of the Faculty of Medicine of the Xalapa region; Cirenia Hernández Trejo, secretary of the Faculty of Bioanalysis, and Diana Aurora Carmona Cortés, coordinator of auxiliary diagnostic services of the CUSRS.


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