Paulina Lavista presents the exhibition “Characters of Culture in Mexico” in San Antonio, Texas

As part of Photo FestivalSeptemberwhich takes place in the United States, the photographer and writer Paulina Lavista will present its latest collection of photographs, in collaboration with the extension of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in San Antonio, Texas; Lavista presents the exhibition “Moments from the theater of life; mexico culture characters“, which reports on cultural life in Mexico.

The sample is made up of 10 portraits and 15 snapshots; Among the characters presented in the exhibition, we can see portraits of Juan Rulfo, Octavio Paz, Elena Poniatowska, Jorge Ibargüengoitia, Salvador Elizondo, Jorge Luis Borges, Alejandro Rossi, Francisco Toledo, Julieta Campos, Carlos Fuentes and María Felix.

Photo: Paulina Lavista

The snapshots, in Lavista’s words, are made up of what she calls “the theater of life” where a discourse is established that addresses the journey of life itself with photographs that capture different moments that show such concepts as childhood, motherhood. , youth and moments of daily life captured with an instant camera in different streets and places in Mexico and other countries.

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The exhibition also features surreal photographs that reflect Lavista’s creativity in depicting everyday life. “I establish a discourse by imagining that the curtain of the theater of life opens on a photo of a curtain that rises to later show images of motherhood, childhood, youth, children and men, it is a speech from the theater of life which I had to see and capture”, he commented in an interview.

The old photographs have been digitized and mounted on frames without glass, which allows a better appreciation of the composition of the work. The artist indicated the importance of setting up this exhibition in collaboration with the UNAM. “I have a great connection to National University, it’s been my alma mater since I started my career at the University Center for Film Studies and I feel flattered to have this recognition at Texas Extension,” said he declared.

Photo: Paulina Lavista

Lavista commented that on September 16 he will attend a conference at the extension of Texas within the framework of the cultural activities planned by the Fotoseptiembre Festival, since the exhibition Moments of the Theater of Life was inaugurated without his participation, in addition to underline the importance of Mexican culture in the neighboring country within the framework of the 200 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States.

Regarding the portrait of Juan Rulfo in the exhibition, Lavista commented on the story behind it: “Rulfo was an adviser to the Mexican Writers’ Center alongside my husband, Salvador Elizondo, also, due to family ties, I knew Juan Rulfo since I was little, he was an important character in my maternal family because of my links with Jalisco; On Wednesdays, Juan came to my house with Salvador for a coffee, he had already given up alcoholism and one of these days I asked him for a portrait, just when he was working at the Indigenous Institute, I took his portrait there. To my surprise, I did not know that Juan was also a photographer, I admired him a lot, he was a humble and talented person.

Lavista concluded with a reflection on his portraits. “Each photograph that makes up this exhibition are moments in my life, characters that I have met and who tell stories of Mexican cultural life.” The sample will be available through September 30 at UNAM Texas Extension, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Photo: Paulina Lavista

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