Real estate and young people: an investment for the future

Real estate for rent in digital platforms it is an investment in the future that attracts many young Dominicans.

The specialist in the real estate sector, Giselle Venturaexplains this niche is encouraged to invest in the local tourism sector due to the double condition that it generates, since beyond obtaining an economic advantage through the rental on digital platforms, it also serves as a second home in a tourist area for family fun.

According to the expert, the market has become much more dynamic today compared to years past, when there were low, medium and high season cycles of people renting out their tourist properties on digital platforms. “However, this last year has always been the high season,” he points out.

Fortune stresses that an added value of these properties published on digital platforms is that they encourage people to leave their house or apartment and get to know the attractions of the city where they are, which also represents an opportunity for restaurants and nearby businesses and generates indirect jobs.

“It’s amazing what’s happening in areas like Punta Cana, Bayahibe and Las Terrenas, where you go looking for apartments that are renting on these platforms with two and three months of occupancy in advance and they’re already sold out. It’s good that this is also happening in Puerto Plata, an area that is experiencing a great local and international boom,” he says. Fortunewho is also the managing director of the agency Real estate offer DR.

Regarding the tax regulations of rental on digital platforms such as airbnb, Fortune expresses that these actions undertaken demonstrate the strength that this type of tourist real estate business has acquired.

Further, it indicates that with stricter regulations there will be validation that users are indeed renting a property with all the conditions ensuring that quality is offered to tourists.

“This will serve as a filter for investors to provide a higher level of service to tourists. We see this as very positive. From the investor side, as long as it is the same for everyone, it will not affect them. airbnb manages around 70% of the apartments that are as rooms on the platform, as long as they are all regulated, that shouldn’t hurt,” Ventura clarifies.

Faced with the rise in rents thanks to certified digital platforms, Offre Immobilière, the agency that manages Fortune, organizes fairs so that more young people and interested people can select the house, villa or apartment that will help them get started in tourism investment.

The last fair organized by Real estate offer DR It was between August 19 and 21 at Punta Canawhich represented an opportunity to mobilize foreign capital in the local tourism sector and where about 28 construction companies participated with 40 projects.

Ventura points out that, during these meetings, 95% of the clients are people residing abroad, from United States, Canada Yes Porto Rico, a very assiduous public to buy the goods on offer. 5% are Dominicans residing in the country or abroad.

“In Punta Cana Investment Fair 2022 there were very happy faces. We reimbursed the cost of flights for those coming from abroad as long as they did not exceed 1,500 US dollars and for those who did not have time to come, we gave them the option of coming later. We broke records with this fair. Next year we will come back with a bigger fair,” he stressed.


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