The health system rewarded the winners of the State Reasons for Life photography competition in its seventh edition – Boletines Dependencias

Guanajuato, Gto., September 9, 2022.- The State Health System has awarded the winners of the State Photography Contest “Reasons to Live” in its seventh edition.

This award was presented virtually as part of World Suicide Prevention Day.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Manuel Aguilar, Director of Mental Health, who recognized the participants as winners for the effort made, not only in participating but also in being proactive in avoiding risky behaviors.

Third place was obtained by Claudia Espinosa Espinosa with her photograph entitled “With the same strength we remain”. Where the main objective is to describe the family as a pillar of the construction of the citizen.

The second place was obtained by Juhen Rahen Fonseca Jiménez with the photograph entitled “My steps will be your steps”.

The photograph represents a story of perseverance, where the author reflects his reasons for living, which are his family.

After the painful loss of his second son and the birth of his other son, he tries to convey the hope of a life with painful moments that must be cherished.

The first place was obtained by Rafael Luna Quintanilla with the photograph entitled “Family”.

The three winners refer to the family as the main nucleus against suicidal behavior.

These first three places obtained prizes of 4 thousand, three thousand and 2 thousand pesos respectively.

During the award ceremony, the Secretary of Health, Dr. Daniel Díaz Martínez, congratulated the participants, inviting them to continue the activities of prevention, detection and attention to suicidal behavior.

Díaz Martínez urged the general public to be proactive for the benefit of people who are going through difficult times so that they do not fall into risky behavior.

This year, the motto is “Creating hope through action”. One of the preventive actions consists of inviting the population of Guanajuato to identify the alarming symptoms, to listen without judging and to activate the support networks to get involved in the suffering of those at risk, accompanying them in an understanding and warmth while receiving professional care.

He indicated that despite the fact that Guanajuato is not among the first places in the number of suicide cases, it is among the top ten places.

Efforts must therefore be redoubled at all levels of government.

In Guanajuato there is a whole network of mental health services, if some of these symptoms are identified it is necessary to call 800 290 00 24.

Or in the chat via, free attention, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a team of health professionals will assist you.

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