Renata Altenfelder, Global Brand Director Motorola: “We’re demystifying technology”

The businesswoman spoke exclusively to Forbes as part of the global launch of the three new devices in the Motorola Edge family and revealed how the brand has re-entered the premium market with campaigns that seek to make an impact on consumers.

September 14, 2022 16.09

Renata Altenfelder he works at Motorola since 2014, first as Brand Manager for Latin America and then as Global Brand Director, a position she held in 2019. It was her first time in the business. tech industry: before that, she worked for Unilever and the Brazilian company Triumph. During these years, he undoubtedly undertook to make an impression by devoting himself fully to the return of the company to the premium market.

As part of the global launch of the three new premium devices, the executive spoke to Forbes about how the brand has evolved since returning to the premium market.

the latest news

Motorola has made the global debut of three new edge devices: motorola edge 30 ultra, motorola edge 30 fusion Yes motorola edge 30 neo.These smartphones combine the latest technologies, with a new design and new experiences.

The motorola edge 30 ultra offer the high resolution camera system, as it has the industry’s first 200 MP main camera sensor. This sensor is designed to capture more light, resulting in crisp, bright images even in the dark. Plus, thanks to advanced HDR technology, it produces images with perfectly balanced highlights and shadows to deliver highly detailed photos even in mixed lighting conditions.

In our country it can be obtained in presale until October 08 starting at $219,999.

New motorola edge 30 fusion, for its part, has a thin and balanced design. Symmetrically curved edges and a premium sleek finish, this unit offers a sandblasted polished aluminum frame. The redesigned camera housing also amplifies advanced imaging technology with a look that’s both retro and modern. And the tactile feel of the matte glass makes the motorola edge 30 fusionbe easy to use.

It is on sale from $169,999, 6 interest-free installments and express delivery.

The motorola edge 30 neo It’s the first device to arrive in on-trend colors that have been selected as part of Motorola’s long-term partnership with Pantone. Thus, each design of the motorola edge 30 neo has a subtle chip Pantone integrated on the back of the device and an option to personalize the phone by integrating color into the user interface.

Association with Pantone

For more than 55 years, Pantone has been the global leader in color consistency and accuracy for brands and designers around the world. He dominates the field of color, innovates in graphics, fashion and product design, helping designers bring their visions to life from inspiration to realization. In addition, Pantone provides consulting services, forecasting, global color trends and business advice on color in brand identity and product development.

For Motorola, it is essential to determine the appropriate design elements and functionality to best meet the needs of its customers. design trends macro, including its influence on the application of materials.

According to Altenfelder: “Pantone has expertise in color psychology and why is that important? We will have access to these macro design trends for the development of our product portfolio. During this long-term partnership, Motorola will have access to Pantone’s trend information, experts from the Pantone Color Institute™, and a curated color subset that will showcase strong design trends, including color Pantone of the Year.

Thus, they will start with the launch of the motorola edge 30 neowhich has four Pantone colors: Ice Palace, Acqua Foam, Black Onyx and the Pantone color of the year 2022, very perished. The colors selected for this model are the result of the first collaboration between the Pantone and Motorola teams to create shades based on trends and fundamentals that align with the device’s brand and strategy.

motorola edge 30 neo
motorola edge 30 neo Acqua Foam in association with Pantone.

exclusive fragrance

On this journey to an all-encompassing user experience meaning, Altenfelder announced that the company has developed an exclusive fragrance for the packaging of each of these three new models. “We are going to launch the exclusive Motorola fragrance for packaging in Latin America. It’s the only tech company with flavor“, assures the executive. The aroma was developed in collaboration with Firmenichone of the largest perfume and flavor houses in the world.

“Consumer tests are very good: the reception of the perfume is incredible because they do not expect it. It is an aroma that brings these values ​​of modernity, proximity and technology, in addition to being very exclusive,” he adds. .

Sustainable commitment

These three new Motorola products come with 100% recyclable packaging: zero plastic with paper packaging: “All accessory packaging is recyclable. They are made of 60% recyclable material and soy ink, everything is ecological”, he specifies.

The Power to Empower: The Journey to Reaching the Global Brand Platform

“The job we do well at Motorola is to demystify technology: it can’t be seen as a monster, it needs to help people. It’s all part of our return to the premium market and growth is tied to the evolution of the consumer,” emphasizes Altenfelder.

For 2014, 2015 the positioning was the choose choice, which wasn’t just about choosing phone benefits and colors, “had to do with life decisions: I like to look at brand positioning with different lenses,” he says. During this period, the first back-to-school campaign was Razr of Moto G. “These consumers were looking for what was different, the strength: they were looking for what was happening in the context and the environment”, recalls Renata Altenfelder.

“Before launching power to empower, we relaunched ourselves in the premium category, for this we carried out a evolution of visual changes to bring more attributes of sophistication without straying from the popular. One of the characteristics most recognized by the consumer is the proximity, it had to bring premium attributes but without moving away from the general consumer”, he declares and adds: “Then we evolved and arrived at the power to empower: the difference is that it is a brand platform that goes beyond the launch of a specific product and has to do with the power of to reinforce On the other hand, we believe in it through everything we can do with our smartphone: work, study, generate content and produce knowledge. “It’s him role we have as a brand: make us responsible”.

What is the empowering power of your message? Altenfelder explains: “We are always looking for relate people and why you do something is not just the fun of generating technology, for us it has a purpose which is always have an impact in 1, 3 or 5 million people and the power of empowerment is this”. Further: “The relationship of the smartphone is like with coffee: you can’t get much, but you can’t stay without nothing neither. And there is a love and a hate. We did a survey in 2016 or 2017 that we listened to from millennials: there is a question of wanting to get away from the smartphone but also of being better organized, of being able to do more things, so it’s not an addiction. It’s an extension, a collaboration that we have with the smartphone. The power to empower means that: a proximity attribute. The smartphone is an ally, a window on the world.”

This power is not only related to the product, the battery, the camera, but also the personal power to go towards the things we want. Thus, the first wave of this campaign was carried out with 13 Motorola users around the world who how technology empowers them. And a few weeks ago, they launched the second wave, this time with employees. “The important thing about these campaigns is that they removed it. It’s brand building: we have to talk about the product but we also have to mean the product in people’s lives,” says the executive.

Finally, Altenfelder says he works with a pool of agencies around the world according to the campaign because “we are a brand overall, various and diversity is also about bringing new visions”. As a result, there are 2000 kiosks around the world and motorcycle shops have been opened.


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