The iPhone 14 will have the Clean Energy Charge mode to pollute less

If you are one of the users of iPhone and you are concerned about taking care of the environment, you have undoubtedly come into conflict. The iPhone, like any other device, they tend to pollute because they constantly use energy sources that leave a significant carbon footprint on the environment. However, it seems that Manzana has listened to those concerns and addressed them with a new iOS feature that will allow you to go greener with your phone.


It will be with a new option of the iOS16 operating systemwho bears the name Clean energy charge (That is Charge with clean energy) which will be added in an update in the coming months. This option will allow users to optimize their charging time to account for times when the power grid uses more sustainable energies. Agree with Manzanamission is to reduce the carbon footprint of iPhone. With this, many fans will undoubtedly feel more comfortable using it.

iPhone users might think of the option of Optimized battery charging, which has been part of the phone for a few years now, and helps to improve battery usage. This option lets the phone notice your charging routine and limits the charge to 80% when you go to use it.

You will be able to use your iPhone differently.


At this time, there has been no specific mention of where this option can be seen or how it will be integrated, but we can expect to see it in subsequent updates. It is possible that it will arrive at the end of the year but it could arrive in 2023.

While that sounds pretty good, some questions remain about this new option. Some options are limited to certain territories so it is not known if it will be available internationally or if it will be able to work with the energy networks of certain countries. It may initially be available in the United States and then gradually open.

This is just one of many future updated options for iOS16which already provides users with enough iPhoneas we saw in the recent event apple away where was presented iPhone 14phone that can take full advantage of this operating system.

iCloud Photo Shared Library options are coming soon, letting you create a gallery that multiple people can join. Likewise, changes could be made to some of the ones we have already seen, such as those for customization.


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