Training was provided on the Homologated Model of Civic Justice, Good Governance and Culture of Legality, with the support of the Executive Secretariat of the State Public Security System, through the National Center for Crime Prevention and of the National Executive Secretariat for Public Security. 

Guanajuato, Gto. September 14, 2022.- The Executive Secretariat of the State System of Public Security, through the National Center for Crime Prevention and the National Executive Secretariat of Public Security, carried out the training course on the Approved Model of Civic Justice, Good Governance and Culture of Legality.

“It is in Guanajuato’s interest to be at the highest level in compliance with all established regulations, public safety issues that include training, equipment and salary issues, but above all in the search for solutions and alternatives to antisocial behavior that could be approached from another point of view and that they are really useful to citizens,” said Sophia Huett López, Executive Secretary of the State Public Security System, during the his welcome message.

Representatives of the municipalities of: Apaseo el Alto, Apaseo el Grande, Atarjea, Doctor Mora, Jerécuaro, Salvatierra, Santa Catarina, Santiago Maravatío, Tarimoro, Tierra Blanca, Yuriria, Victoria, Celaya, Comonfort, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Jaral del Progreso, Pénjamo, Purisima del Rincón, Cortazar, Salamanca, San Francisco del Rincón and Juventino Rosas.

“In Guanajuato, there are municipalities that are advanced in the implementation of this model, but it is in the interest that each report progress in civic justice; and they are working on it, even if it has been complicated because of the question of resources ranging from new recruits to the construction of new civic courts,” he explained.

On the state government side, security continues to be strengthened through the State Fund for Strengthening Public Security, which is the only model in the country where the state government takes money out of pocket, not from a federal budget but from a state budget, to channel it to the municipalities on the question of training in the case of municipal police officers, as well as on the question of vehicles and equipment in helmets, vests and radios.

This, he explained, was one of the possibilities that the state government found to be able to support the municipalities that for several years had been lagging behind in terms of public security or that, with the disappearance of FORTASEG, were even more affected.

The training was given by the head of the department of the National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation, Ademar González Gómez.

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