Minister of Health is asked about covid vaccines that have not been applied – Congress – Politics

The Minister of Health, Caroline Liege, was summoned this Wednesday to a debate on political control at the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives.

During the debate, Representative Andrés Forero (Democratic Center) asked the Ministry of Health about a resolution that would have been signed in August so that the population between 18 and 49 years old could apply the second booster dose against the virus. COVID-19.

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Forero, representative of the Democratic Center, alluded to the fact that as of August 23, the Minister of Health had indicated in a speech that there were 873,000 vaccines against covd-19 which would expire in September 2022.

“On that day, August 23, you said that they were going to take the corresponding resolution to modify what was in force and allow the second reinforcement to be for people over 18 years old up to 49 years old” , said the representative during the debate.

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Then he recalled a statement by Geison Bermont, director of promotion and prevention of the Ministry of Health of the government of Iván Duque, who had indicated on August 26 that “next week we will announce the application of the second booster dose for the population aged 18 to 49, this will be granted as soon as the resolution is signed by the Minister”.

Forero assured, before the Seventh House Committee, that three weeks after the announcement by the Ministry of Health, the resolution has not been signed and that there are 873,000 biologics against covid-19 that have ceased to be applied and would be close to expiry. According to known information, there are 787,530 Sinovac vaccines; 72,751 Pfizer; 11,356 Jenssen and 2,070 modern vaccines.

Regarding the questions, the Minister of Health, Caroline Liege, affirmed that he is not obliged to sign a resolution that comes from the previous government. He also highlighted the absence of the “primary health care programme”, which prevented 400 municipalities from achieving the objectives of vaccination and they were left behind.

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“It’s more serious than what I’ve seen from civil society, because the goal that the government of Dr. Duque had set was that by December 70% of the population should be vaccinated. This objective was not achieved because in these 400 municipalities, not even 70% were achieved. That’s what I get,” Corcho replied.

For now, it is not known if the Ministry of Health will sign the resolution with which the population between 18 and 49 years old will be able to access the second booster dose against covid-19.



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