Up to $1.7 billion is gambled on illicit betting markets every year: UNOD

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Each year, up to $1.7 billion is gambled in illicit gambling markets, the report published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Unodc) for which he urged governments to provide a unified international response to corrupt practices that may occur in the world of sport.

“The Global Report on Corruption in Sport, it also reveals the extent, manifestation and complexity of corruption and organized crime in sport at global, regional and national levels. It was developed in collaboration with nearly 200 experts and is the most comprehensive study of its type to date and the authorities of Mexico participated in its elaboration”, underlined the Unodc.

The United Nations points out that “although corruption in sport is not a new phenomenon – fraudulent activities have been documented in the management of sports institutions and competitions since the ancient Olympic Games – over the past two decades it there has been a substantial increase in criminal activity in this area.

Indeed, globalization huge flow of moneythe rapid growth of legal and illegal betting and technological advances that are transforming the way sport is practiced and consumed make it increasingly attractive to criminal networks seeking to exploit it for illicit purposes,” he said. he declares.

The global report breaks down a wide range of topics, analyzing the impact of illegal betting, the manipulation of competition, abuse in sport, the vulnerability of major sporting events to corruption and the influence of organized crime, among others.

Likewise, it highlights the evolution of the landscape of the sport and its relationship with corrupt practicesexisting initiatives to address this issue, issues related to detecting and reporting wrongdoing, as well as how existing legal frameworks can be applied to combat corruption in this area.

Further to the above, it urges governments and sports organizations to strengthen legal, policy and institutional frameworks to prevent and respond to the various manifestations of corruption and crime in sport at global, regional and national levels.

In addition, develop and enforce comprehensive policies anti Corruption in sports, focused on wrestling Corruption linked to the organization of major sporting events, the manipulation of competitions, illegal betting and the involvement of organized crime in sport.

Also for promote and increase cooperation and the exchange of information and best practices, as well as to improve understanding of the relationship between corruption and organized crime in sport.


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