Earthquakes and technology: applications to prevent

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Due to the fact that Mexico is a country that records constant earthquakesIt is essential that as citizens we practice prevention exercises such as drills and the development of emergency plans.

Although earthquakes are not predictable, there are technological solutions that help us to be warned. We are sharing a list of apps that work as an earthquake alert on your device.

How to activate the seismic alert on the mobile phone?


One of the applications that offers the earthquake alert service on your mobile phone is SkyAlerta platform that has its own network of seismic sensors and warns you up to 120 seconds in advance depending on your distance from the epicenter.

Thanks to its intelligent seismic sensor, you will only receive the alert of the tremors that will be felt at your locationas well as the intensity level of the tremor.

Even if your mobile phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode, the earthquake alert is activated as soon as an earthquake is detected. In addition, you may receive notifications of other natural hazards such as volcanic activity, tsunamis, weather events, among others.

SkyAlert is available for iOS, Android and Harmony OS operating systems.


Another option is SASSLA, which also detects earthquakes up to 120 seconds in advance. According to its developers, This application has the ability to interrupt any activity on the cell phoneincreasing the audio volume to the maximum even if it is silent.

Among other functions of this platform, the screen increases the level of brightness to facilitate the reading of the alert, as well as the activation of the vibrator and the light of the device.

SASSLA is located Available for iOS and Android operating systems.

911 CDMX

Another application is 911 CDMXwhich connects users directly to 911 in Mexico City, either through a normal, silent phone call or through a message.

In addition, This app is related to Capital C5 Seismic Alertit is therefore activated when an earthquake is detected.

911 CDMX is Available for iOS and Android operating systems.

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