The 10 Most Geeky Cameos From The Big Bang Theory

fans of The Big Bang Theory We’re celebrating, because this September 23 marks the 15th anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode of this beautiful and old-fashioned series. As a tribute, we wanted to save the most geek which we have seen throughout its 12 seasons. Without further ado, we show you these 10 cameos below:

LeVar Burton

Known as Geordi La Forge in star trek, LeVar Burton gave us a hilarious take on The Big Bang Theory next to Sheldon, with whom he discussed at length the flags we’ve seen throughout the franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

Picture: Warner Bros.

james earl jones

The name may not ring a bell to most people. james earl jonesbut the truth is that the voice of this subject had a real influence on pop culture, since we are talking about one of the men who played Darth Vader: That’s right, James Earl Jones is the voice of this evil Sith.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Adam West

Multiple referents of culture geek appeared on the set of The Big Bang Theory, seriously, A LOT; but few numbers filled fans with emotion like he did Adam West, the actor who gave way to Batman in the 60s series.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Carrie Fisher

Just as James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, made us happy with his presence in the series, Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia in star warsalso made an appearance that filled us with tenderness to all. And is that, how can we forget when he was about to hit Vader with a baseball bat?

Picture: Warner Bros.

dean norris

Dean Norris is well known for bringing to life Hank Schrader in breaking Bad (yes, he was Walter White’s brother-in-law), so when we saw him play Colonel Richard Williams in The Big Bang Theory We couldn’t contain our excitement.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Marc Hamil

Mark Hamill will not only go down in history for bringing to life the most powerful Jedi in history, Luke Skywalker, he was also commissioned to embody Luke Skywalker himself. joker from DC Comics in their animated versions. Also: This actor was in charge of officiating the mass between Sheldon and Amy, playing himself.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Christopher Lloyd

In case you don’t recognize him (which we doubt), if Christopher Lloyd looks oddly familiar to you, it’s because this actor brought to life Emmett Lathrop Brown, aka Doc, in the saga of Back to the future. In The Big Bang Theory, we saw him as Theodore, an old and sassy character who stayed in Sheldon’s apartment for a long time.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Charlie Sheen

Do you remember Charlie Sheen? Today, her figure may go unnoticed by young viewers, but for a long time this subject has been sex symbols and comedy reference. In The Big Bang Theory the actor played himself.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, legendary actor responsible for bringing Spock to life in the first edition of star trekalso appeared in The Big Bang Theory. What is curious here is that the artist did not come out as himself or as Spock, but as a reduced version of the character called Little Spock: i.e. a plastic figurine that Sheldon has come to have various conversations with.

Picture: Warner Bros.

Stan Lee

Of course Stan “the man” Lee could not be missing from this list, and for those who have lived in a cave and do not know this author, we tell you that This old man was responsible for bringing to life most of the characters that currently populate the Marvel Universe. In this sense, we thought it was absolutely adorable that the former editor of Casa de las Ideas appeared on screen wearing a dress with the symbol of the The Fantastic Four.

Picture: Warner Bros.

And for you, what do you think was the best cameo we’ve seen in The Big Bang Theory?


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