padel lands for the first time in Africa

Padel is a sport in constant expansion. Its growth, year after year, has led it to become one of the most fashionable disciplines at all levels, both professional and amateur. So much so that another world giant like tennis has already been threatened and defeated by the new fever that is flooding everything.

The development and popularization of a sport whose origins lie in Mexico around the 1960s due to the great influence of Enrique Corcuera, has been exponential in recent years. So much so that its most illustrious practitioners, players from the various professional circuits, have already become stars and true idols of the masses.

Their strongest nuclei are found in both Spain as in Argentina. However, it is a sport recognized and practiced all over the world. Its rise, also in the most generalist media, has been caused in recent times by the enormous schism that has occurred in the top flight with the creation of a new world circuit parallel to the traditional Paddle world tour. The International Padel Federation Yes Qatar Sports Investmentsan investment fund specializing in sports activities and dependent on the Qatari State, has joined forces to create First padel.

It is precisely the institution that has Nasser Al-Khelaifi at its peak the one who has just written a new page in history. The highest level professional padel will land in Africa for the first time after the confirmation of the creation of an event in Egypt. It will be played in the city of Cairo, in the booming modern district of New Gizaand the realization of this project went through the intervention of an original company, CA SportsMarketing. So, Spain managed to open an uncharted path in sport to also promote the expansion and growth of the forgotten continent.

Spain takes padel to Africa

The new Premier Padel circuit recently announced that it will organize a new event for this season. The big company led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi has the challenge of reaching 30 tournaments by 2023. However, their expansion in 2022 is already unprecedented due to the power and speed with which they have managed to reach all the regions of the world.

Today, the chosen destination is Africa, a continent which for some years has been trying to amplify its sporting progress by fighting to host major championships. Since the Olympic Games until the Formula 1 they aim to land in an African country in the years to come. Cycling too, which has already decreed that its world cups of the year 2025 will take place at Rwanda.

Thus, all these projects that are on the table receive confirmation that it is possible to open world sport to the forgotten continent thanks to the new announcement of Premier Padel. Most striking of all is that this operation was closed thanks to the stellar intervention of a Spanish company, CA Sports Marketing.

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This Barcelona company has partnered with NEWGUIZA Sports Cluba company that has signed a multi-year agreement with the International Padel Federation to host the NEWGIZA Premier Padel P1 in future seasons. A vital function to achieve both the expansion of global sport in Africa and the rise of paddle tennis on the planet. An unprecedented and historic step.

The deal was sealed by Khaled El Chawarby, CEO of NEWGIZA Sports Club, who worked closely with CA Sports Marketing. In addition, this Barcelona-based company also helped close the deal for the Egyptian padel federation.

Belt of AjramCEO of CA Sports Marketing, welcomed the success of this agreement: “This event marks an important milestone for CA Sports Marketing, underscoring the company’s growth and reach around the world and the potential for the future. We are very happy and look forward to working with all parties involved to deliver an impressive Premier Padel P1 event in Nueva Giza.”

For its part, Luigi CarraroPresident of the FIP, underlined the historic nature of this pact: “When with the PPA and the QSI we decided to create the new world tour – Premier Padel – our objective was to make our sport more professional and more global every day. . Seven months after the launch, after hosting tournaments in some of the most prestigious venues in the world, we have finally arrived in Egypt, on the African continent. We are writing another page in the history of our sport.

Franco Stupaczuk and Pablo Lima play a volley almost simultaneously at the net

Franco Stupaczuk and Pablo Lima play a volley almost simultaneously at the net

First padel

This will be the NEWGIZA P1

The elite padel arrives in Africa and does so after creating what will be one of the best tournaments in the world. Its category within the Premier Padel circuit will be P1. It will begin on October 22 with the preliminary rounds and it will not be until the next 24 that the final phase of the competition will begin.

A total of 48 couples will come to her, surely the best on the planet. The total prize for the winners will amount to 250,000 Euros and they will also receive significant loot for the leaderboard up to 1,000 points. It’s another resounding success from a circuit that made its debut earlier this year and has already played in up to five tournaments, including three in the Major category.

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In addition, this NEWGIZA Premier Padel P1 will also be joined by the Mexico Premier Padel Major which will be played in Monterey Sonoma Club between late November and early December. It will be the return of paddle tennis to the land where it was born. Mexico was a country that could not miss this first, somewhat experimental season of the new high-level padel circuit.

So far, tournaments in the Major category of the Ooredoo Qatar Major 2022held in March, the Italy Premier Padel Major of May, and most special of all, the Paris Premier Paddle Major. This particular event took place in July at the premises of Roland Garros. Now comes Egypt’s P1 tournament, which can be seen around the world, being broadcast in up to 180 territories. A luxury showcase for the African continent.


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