The Life and Work of the Ministry of Culture winners have been announced | reports

The Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Knowledge (MiCasa) has announced the winners of the National Awards for the 2022 National Stimulus Program Portfolio, highlighting the work of Rafael Campo Miranda, who received the Life and Work for the Arts award and Culture and Marcial Antonio Montalvo, National Life and Work Prize for Bearers of Heritage and Cultural Memory.

Culture Minister Patricia Ariza said, “We are proud to award these prizes to two teachers whose legacy is an inspiration to the country. Given their relevance to cultures, in this edition we have decided to award not one but two prizes in this category”.

Rafael Campo Miranda is an author, composer, folklorist and teacher, originally from Soledad, Atlántico. He has dedicated his life to preserving the musical and sound heritage of the Caribbean and all of Colombia. The jury awarded him the prize for his musical work which can be the construction of a valuable intangible heritage for Colombian culture.

“Without a doubt, his work and lifelong dedication to composing and training musicians has a notable impact on the consolidation of living memory and musical heritage in Colombia that projects across generations. The transcendence of his work as a creator, teacher and author of texts on Colombian music leaves an invaluable legacy of his knowledge and knowledge,” the jury said ahead of the award ceremony for the Life and Work Award for Arts and Sciences category. Culture.

On another side,

Marcial Antonio Montalvo, who received the

National award for the life and work of cultural heritage and memory bearers, he has been a master craftsman for more than fifty years, this is the first time the award has been given to a craftsman. Montalvo passed on the knowledge of craftsmanship in his community for many years and thus built a legacy to preserve the art in Zenú towns.

“Marcial Montalvo has been able to preserve and pass on a legacy of his elders linked to the traditional designs and graphics present in the vueltiao hat. These symbolically represent elements of the environment such as plants, flowers and animals. Through the fibers of cañaflecha and natural dyes, this master craftsman makes it possible to visualize the representations locked in the memory of the members of the Zenú people”, mentioned the jury.

This year, the National Incentives Program has rewarded more than 800 artists, creators, researchers, entrepreneurs and cultural managers from all over Colombia who contribute to the growth of the country’s cultural heritage and who work to preserve art for peace and life.

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