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The bike It is a sport in which a bike to be able to cover large circuits (for competition or for fun), although if the activity is carried out for competition, a specialized vehicle must be used for the type of meeting you want to practice.

And there are different types of competition: road, track, mountain, trial, cyclocross and BMX. To participate in one of these events, it is important to have optimal health and especially to warm up before starting.

Regarding the history of this sport, we know that the first associations were created in Florence (Italy) in 1870 and the following year one appeared in Holland. Then Great Britain and Spain would also have their organizations.

Then we will tell you about the injuries that you can be prone to if you do not take certain measures such as the use of the correct utensils and the ideal bicycle for doing sports, among others.

What are the most common cycling injuries?

low back pain

It is one of the most common and occurs due to riding the bike in an inadequate position, working the trunk more than it should, stress, not warming up before doing the activity, previous spinal problems.

Low back pain symptoms

  • Persistent pain that increases with the passage of days and sometimes increases.
  • After a long period of rest, the pain may get worse.
  • Sometimes there is only a tingling sensation in the affected area.
  • The patient has difficulty moving the leg or foot.

Neck pain

It is a very common condition that occurs in the neck area. It usually appears due to sitting for many hours in an improper position and also due to improper handling of the bike.

Neck Pain Symptoms

  • Feel discomfort in the neck area.
  • Difficulty moving the neck.
  • Headache.
  • feel dizzy

Carpal tunnel

It is a condition that occurs when the median nerve (located from the forearm to the palm of the hand and responsible for feeling the palm side of the thumb and most fingers) becomes compressed at the wrist.

carpal tunnel symptoms

  • Difficulty grasping objects.
  • Tingling in the thumb
  • Have a feeling of numbness in the palm of the hand.
  • Sensation of pain extending to the elbow.
  • Start having coordination problems in one or both hands.

What are the advantages of cycling?

Cycling is a sports activity that offers great health benefits, among which help to lose weight and also strengthen your muscles. Then we tell you more.

  • It helps in taking care of heart health as it improves heart function.
  • It is ideal for strengthening muscles, as it increases lung capacity.
  • Protect your joints and cartilage, as much of the load falls on the seat.
  • This activity strengthens the immune system and also reduces stress.

How does a bicycle injury occur?

Although riding a bicycle offers many benefits, if you don’t do it correctly, you can be prone to injury. Therefore, below we tell you the factors that cause these situations.

  • Failing to ensure that the saddle of the bicycle is correctly positioned.
  • Sitting too far back can affect the curvature of the spine and cause lower back strain.
  • If there is not an adequate distance between the steering wheel and the seat, pain may occur after the activity.
  • When the connecting rods (part used to transform a rectilinear movement into a rotational movement or vice versa) are very long.

How to avoid injury while cycling?

There are many ways to avoid injury while cycling, including the importance of using the correct tools (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads). Also, taking into account the following factors.

  • When pedaling, you must take into account the stability of the trunk-abdomen.
  • The bicycle saddle should be positioned at a height that allows you to extend your knee.
  • Sitting correctly will help you when handling the seat will not cause you discomfort.

When to resume cycling after an injury?

The time to return to activity depends on the degree of the injury and the recommendations of the doctor, because if it is mild, you will only have to wait a few weeks. Remember that in case of discomfort, it is important to consult a specialist.



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