Amazon Studios announces initiatives for the Hispanic community in collaboration with the Latin Film Institute

Amazon Studios has announced two entertainment collaborations that mark a specific commitment to supporting the Latino community in the United States.

The studio has partnered with Edward James Olmos’ Latino Film Institute and is the exclusive sponsor of its Youth Cinema Project (YCP) Alumni program for the 2022-2023 school year.

The YCP Alumni Program connects more than 300 graduates, from low-income and underfunded public schools, with hands-on access and industry-wide learning opportunities, including mentorship and training. application assistance.

Amazon Studios is also funding the first YCP Fellowship, which will provide 15 college students with the resources to make a high-quality short film as a team, to bolster their film school applications and scholarship opportunities. The film will be screened at the Los Angeles International Latin Film Festival in 2013.

“As we strive to be a global entertainment destination, we recognize the power and importance of Latino audiences. To tell their rich and dynamic stories in an authentic way, we need their skills and creative power in front of and behind the camera,” said Latasha Gillespie, DEIA Global Director for Amazon Studios, Freevee and IMDb. “Partnering with LFI and LA Collab is not a charity effort, it’s an equitable effort. It is our responsibility to remove barriers and open doors so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

“After two decades of building projects for our community in Hollywood, we are very pleased that Amazon Studios is supporting our work with the Youth Film Project. Only together can we create Hollywood’s multicultural future,” said LFI Founder Edward James Olmos.

Amazon Studios is also continuing its support of local nonprofit LA Collab to build the LTX Match platform’s entertainment vertical from the ground up. The smart technology platform will use technology to connect Latino talent at scale with jobs, mentorships, boards, capital and communities, at all levels of the Hollywood ecosystem, helping to meet to the oft-repeated statement “we can’t find Latinos to work in entertainment.

“It’s time to put the incredible technological innovation that exists today to help mend the broken bridge between Hollywood and our Latino creative community that can’t be found. With LTX Match, we aim to connect our community with access to make sure we have the same opportunity to thrive in Hollywood,” said LA Collab co-founder Beatriz Acevedo.

The initiatives were first announced last night at a celebration in Los Angeles honoring Latino heritage and culture hosted by Gillespie and Mr. Olmos. The event included a conversation between showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett (“With Love” from Amazon), director of the UCLA Entertainment and Media Initiative, author of the UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report and member of the board of directors of LFI, the Dr. Ana Christina-Ramón and Amazon Studios Senior Executive Lorenza Muñoz, plus performances by Chicana singer Doris Anahi and Latin electronic music project Jguero. Among those present were director Manuel Soto (Blue Beetle), Brenda Castillo (President and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC).

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