They blame the narco’s apology to the director of Culiacán Culture

Artists and cultural promoters in Sinaloa have accused Alonso Ramírez, son of former federal deputy and former Morena national leader Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, of being responsible for apologizing to the drug trafficker during the celebrations of the anniversary of Culiacan.

On October 1, the singer ‘Lightweight’ sang songs in honor of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo, at the close of a week of events for the 491st anniversary of Culiacán, also showing a golden image of the criminal who was sentenced by a US court for drug trafficking.

Teresa Díaz del Guante, creator and playwright of Sinaloa, pointed out that Ramírez’s inexperience and knowledge are the reason why he carelessly created a billboard to avoid excuses from drug traffickers in a city that has a negative stigma.

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It is very hard for those of us who work on the wound and are not seen. The person in charge of the institute is not a cultural agent, period,” said the winner of the National Playwright Prize Emilio Carballido for his work “Aroma Project”.

Culiacán’s anniversary events included hot air balloon rides, the recognition of an influencer as a cultural promoter, football tournaments and the 8Fest Musica private event that obtained authorizations and broadcast by the city council as a sponsorship approved by Ramírez.

The 8 Music Fest had a public billboard of artists, but a few hours before it was to take place, the official cancellation of singer Junior H, who performs “elongated corridos”, was included, and at his place, Peso Pluma, a narcocorrido interpreter, was included.

One week before the event and as part of the promotion, The massive donation of tickets was made through various channels, including those of the Culiacán City Council, out of courtesy so that there are enough spectators in the parking lot of the baseball stadium where the Tomateros de Culiacán play.

It was the exit show of the festival and, at the same time, of the celebrations of the anniversary of the founding of Culiacán.

Alonso Ramírez, director of the Municipal Institute of Culture of Culiacán, said that the show “Peso Pluma” was a situation that “went out of control”, because within the framework of the work of the Municipal Institute of Culture, it the promotion of drug culture should be avoided.

“We are against drug culture, we are for cultural events where values ​​and we were very surprised that this artist sang at the last minute“, indicated the son of Ramírez Cuéllar.

“O we are not in favor of these songs being sung, but we must also respect freedom of expression and if these artists have an audience for the songs they sing, then we have to respect it”.

Isaura Pulido, a cultural promoter from Sinaloa, criticized the position of the Culiacán City Council, calling it passive in the face of an act that was not supported in the cultural celebrations, since it was entrusted to the program of the State to prevent the promotion of narcoculture.

This premise is a request by federal and local authorities on cultural issues to try to counter the stigma of pain and crime after the events of October 17, 2019, when the children of El Chapo paralyzed the city of Culiacán to avoid the arrest of Ovidio. Guzmán López, one of the criminal’s sons.

“As a cultural promoter, these types of events bother me because we are right in rural and urban communities with programs and projects just to counter the drug culture,” she said.

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“We continually address this question to our young people at the Seedbed. And how is it possible that a municipal institution of culture does that, just what we want so that it does not happen again”.

Culiacán’s artistic community has spoken out against Alonso Ramírez, a trader who began his administration in the municipal department of culture on July 2 of this year.

“It seems like a trivial thing, but in a town where hundreds of women search for their missing children, many others bury them, in a town that has been (is) kidnapped for drug trafficking, and the rest of us live with our asses in our hands, we can’t afford to lose any more ground,” said Dante Aguilera, independent artist and member of the popular graphic collective Juan Panadero.

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The Culiacán City Council came out in favor of freedom of expression, while condemning songs and images advocating crime, acknowledging that an event was sponsored without too much care on the billboard.


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