Camila Parker, wife of Carlos III, rejuvenates with a new look

The style of the royal family goes beyond wearing the most beautiful and elegant dresses and heels, as it also includes very discreet makeup and even the hair shape; Regarding this last point, the royal family seems to agree with Carolina Herrera’s statement that after the age of 40, hair should be worn short, which the Infanta Elena of Spain fulfills perfectly and even fiery Queen Elizabeth II. Now, Camille Parker in her new title of queen consort of the UK confirmed that mini hair is ideal and perfect even to get a rejuvenating effect.

Since September 8, the day Elizabeth II died, all eyes have been on the new King Carlos III and his wife, the Queen Consort, Camille Parker, who over the weeks were fulfilling more of their new roles within the British crown. Along with the incidents with the monarch’s demeanor, many other people haven’t stopped talking about the new image the former Duchess of Cornwall is now boasting about.

And it is that the royal has opted for very subtle changes in the color of your Hair and in her hairstyle which, although it may be overlooked by many, stood out like never before, achieving not only a healthier and brighter effect on the hair, but also a radical transformation on the face. Well, these changes are magnificent for rejuvenating the face and thus helping to “take off” a few years from above and then we will tell you everything that is known about it.

This is what Queen Camila’s hair looks like. (Picture: IG @royalhairchatter)

Square cut and highlights to hide gray hair, the queen’s secret to looking younger

The trick to watching modernbut at the same time in fashion and beauty trends for mature women, in the new look of the wife of King Charles III stands out because he cut off the ends of his hair to wear what has been classified as a “inclined bob”that is to say straight and with a few layers that start from the bangs to adapt more naturally to the rest of the hair.

With the above, it is also possible to change the appearance of the hair, giving more movement and volume to the hair, while the side bangs help to lengthen the face. Of course, this also includes say goodbye of the emblematic hairdressing which has accompanied it at least for the last four decades in which the gentle waves have given the hair volume

Sure, Camille Parker He not only opted for a haircut with which to wear it shorter, but also changed his hair color subtly with a few light blonde highlights which at the same time are perfect for hiding gray hair, which many women want after the age of 50 and which helps to lighten the hair and at the same time fill the face with shine until obtaining that rejuvenating effect.


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