Durability, savings and more technology, among the advantages of electric vehicles

Cut in the ninth month of the year, the sale of hybrid vehicles and electric it increased by 92.8% compared to the same period in 2021. During the month of September, 2,370 of these units were registered in the country, according to figures from Andemos, which represents a growth of 110 %. Among the best-selling brands during the year, Toyota (7,501 units), Mazda (3,411), Suzuki (2,299) and BYD (1,757) stand out.

During this year, 21,579 vehicles were sold, while in 2021 Andemos reported the registration of 11,193 hybrid and electric units: this result doubles that of last year and opens a more favorable path for this type of vehicle in the country.

When comparing the sales figures of vehicles running on fossil fuels, we see a higher volume of sales, but a lower variation between 2021 and 2022 (between January and September). Until the ninth month of the year, 173,831 thermal vehicles were registered, while last year 167,039 of these units were acquired, which represents a growth of 4.1%.

Given the energy transition and the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, it is important to mention the advantages of acquiring an electric vehicle. Mercedes-Benz assures that “this type of motor vehicle represents the present and the future of the automotive industry, thanks to the advantages that its use entails”.

In line with Colombian market figures, the brand assures that combustion units will not disappear from consumers’ radar for quite a while. But the above does not mean that vehicles with electric and hybrid technology are not gaining power: it is expected that over the years the vehicle fleet in Colombia and around the world will run on electricity.

Among the advantages of having an electric unit is the ease of handling, since it does not require gear changes thanks to its automatic operation. The industry also highlights fewer mechanical failures by moving away from the traditional motor; Additionally, not having a shifter reduces traditional mechanical failures.

Mercedes-Benz is also highlighting the technological novelty of electric models. The brand ensures that a device of this type has more advanced tools: automatic braking, stability control, pedestrian detector, among others.

An important point to consider is durability, as switching from an engine that runs on gasoline represents a reduction in CO2 emissions. Electric cars and motorcycles generate less noise, which generates less noise pollution in large cities full of vehicles, the entire fleet of which can disturb the tranquility of citizens.

The increase in gasoline in the country is imminent due to the deficit of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund, which is in the billions. In this scenario, electric vehicles may be a good option for consumers. In October, the average price of a gallon of fuel increased by $200 and it is expected that by the end of the year the value will reach $10,324.

“Although electricity consumption has a cost, it is much lower than frequent recharging of petrol or diesel; this means that the cost per kilometer of an electric vehicle is much lower than that of a with an internal combustion engine,” emphasizes Mercedes-Benz.

Despite what has been said, acquiring an electric or hybrid unit is a long-term investment. According to Andemos calculations, an electric car costs 2.7 times more than a thermal car. The decision will depend on your pocket, but you must bear in mind that a higher purchase price represents a considerable price reduction in the maintenance of the vehicle, compared to a combustion car or motorcycle.


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