Entertainment Telemadrid: poker of aces

Madrid’s public television aims to offer a new season, one of the strongholds of which will be entertainment broadcasts. Thus, during the Vitoria Television Festival, Telemadrid presented its poker aces to society, four well-known faces who unraveled the details of their programs: Paco Roncero and his “Tupper Club”; Silvia Jato and “Lalala”; Lorenzo Caprile with “Sew and Count” and Minerva Piquero which will arrive with “Enjoy Madrid”. In addition to these programmes, Telemadrid’s General Director of Content presented other already unmissable titles: “El show de Bertín” and “10 Momentos” with Anne Igartiburu; “Ruta 179” and “Madrileños around the world” with which to visit new destinations and the veteran film program, “El Megahit”, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a cycle devoted to James Bond. He has engaged in live programs such as “Madrid Directo” and “Juntos” and new chapters of “Juntos y…” with Inés Ballester will be released in the fall, following the program’s big reception this summer.


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