National Meeting of Traditional Mariachi 2022: With a “Gran Fandango” the XXI edition of the event ends

With the presentation of the five traditional medals: Francisco Sanchez Flores, Geronimo Mendez Martinez “Vicente T. Mendoza”, “Mariachi Prize” and “Cirilo Marmolejo”editing is complete XXI of the National Meeting of Traditional Mariachi (ENMT)in the middle of a Grand Fandango organized in Paseo Alcalde, with the participation of several artistic groups who animated the dance of couples of dancers who showed their steps on a platform installed just in front of the Plaza de Armas, reported the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco.

In the afternoon of last Saturday, October 8, the head of the culture secretariat of Jalisco (SC), heavy gonzalezdirected the closing of this meeting and which had space for artistic activities in various municipalities of Jalisco, academics with the International Mariachi Colloquium and presentations with a social vocation.

The official presented the medals to the groups – this time accompanied by a sculpture made by the visual artist mario morgado-, with the following message: “What better way to conclude this meeting with a Grand Fandango, which takes place on a stage which symbolizes a meeting point and a celebration of life, which reminds us of who we are to be proud of.”

The secretary was accompanied by Mario Limón, director of integral management of the SC project, Juan de Dios Valverde, responsible for popular cultures of the SC; and José Luis Coronado, from the Department of Culture of the Government of Guadalajara.

For the preservation and dissemination of the great harp ensembles of the State of Michoacán, the “Francisco Sánchez Flores” distinction was awarded to Israel González Castillo and Ana Margarita Alanís Rueda. For the creation and promotion of new repertoires for children, the “Gerónimo Méndez Martínez” prize was awarded to Isolda Rendón Garduño; the recognition “”Vicente T. Mendoza”, for the continuous work of ethnomusicological preservation in particular of the large harp ensembles, corresponded to Juan Guillermo Contreras Arias; The “Mariachi Prize”, for his exceptional work as a performer of the harp and other instruments that make up the instrumental endowment of string ensembles in the region, was received by J.

Jesus Alvarez Molina; and the national medal “Cyril Marmolejo”main prize with 50 thousand pesoswas delivered to “The Happy of Arteaga”for maintaining an emblematic group in their region, in Michoacán.

During this ceremony, special recognition was given to a tireless musician who has devoted his entire life to the teaching and dissemination of traditional mariachi music, Maestro Columbo Mendez, who died a few weeks ago but whose story left a great legacy. The award was received by his daughter, Auda Mendezin front of an audience that offered a minute of applause.

Another edition of ENMT took place in 2022, with a series of events to preserve and spread traditional mariachi music, and this time they included the public space with free access celebrations, to be shared with all the families of Jalisco, with which the Secretariat of Culture of Jalisco, adds actions to its work in favor of the defense of heritage and the task of bringing culture and the arts to all the inhabitants of the entity.



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