World Mental Health Day in Peru: How to recognize if my well-being is at risk

How do I take care of my mental health? Photo: Andean

The Mental Health It is one of the most important issues for the human being, because it has also become one of the challenges on which the authorities must work in the country without being forgotten. Many people fight for their well-being every day, but some do so in silence. According to figures from Ministry of Health of Peru (Minsa)a total of 4 million 140 thousand 802 mental health appointments to one million 16 thousand 811 patients, from January to August 2022.

In recent years, little or nothing has been said about the value of mental health. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation has become more visible for people with a psychiatric disorder or diagnosis. Thus, within the framework of World Mental Health Day, celebrated on October 10, it is considered useful to prevent and identify if our mental health is at risk.

Considering this, Infobae spoken with the clinical psychologist, Dayana Chavez Laurent, who supported the importance and provided some recommendations for Peruvians to take care of their mental health. He also indicated that there is still a lot of action to be done.

“Mental health has seen a change or a small advance as a result of the pandemic. There we realized the importance of living with our families and spending time with ourselves. Each was focused on work, studies, their partner, among other things. We never had time to stop and realize our sanity, unlike what I have seen now, although there is still a lot to do,” he said.

Mental health is another of the challenges facing the state.  Photo: Andean
Mental health is another of the challenges facing the state. Photo: Andean

It is important to know how valuable it is to be comfortable with yourself and to identify in time if you need specialist help. Mental health is essential for different areas of your life.

“If we don’t have mental health, we won’t be able to be well in our lives. Well-being comes from within, from oneself. This will be reflected in other areas of our lives. (…) We cannot be well with others if we are not well with ourselves”, he underlined.

Likewise, the specialist explained that we can identify that our mental health is in danger when you do not feel well with yourself when you reject or criticize frequently, you don’t have good relationship in general, among others. These are signs that should alert you to go to a specialist, because something is going on and you can “save”

Mental health in Peru: Minsa has provided more than 4 million services so far this year
Mental health in Peru: Minsa has provided more than 4 million services so far this year

According to the recommendations of the psychologist Chávez Laurent, mentions three aspects that will depend on you to take care of it: “When a friend or a member of the family comes to tell us something, we try to encourage and support him in a certain way. However, when the problem is ours, we are tougher; so let’s be like our best friends to talk to each other and treat each other well. It may not turn out the way you want due to some external factor, for which it is not up to me, but something out of my hands. For this reason, we often fall into self-abuse.

Good relationship with oneself: be our best friends and love each other more.

Interpersonal relationship: Have a healthy relationship with others. That doesn’t mean being our family has to accept abuse.

Be aware: every experience is an apprenticeship, even if the results are not positive. “‘Life speaks to you and speaks to you, but until he yells at you’; i.e. why let life yell at me if it already speaks to me that way and I can learn that way,” he clarified.

Likewise, he urged to seek help when one needs it or no longer considers it, because later the situation can be more difficult until reaching a suicide. It should be noted that physical, mental, and emotional health are important to overall self-care, so negligence can harm you.

World Mental Health Day (Andean).
World Mental Health Day (Andean).

As part of this day in Peru, the Ministry of Health, through the Hermilio Valdizán Hospital, a fair and parade will take place. This mobilization aims to create awareness and sensitize the population, where the musical group of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima will be in charge of accompanying. The event will take place this October 10 from 2 p.m. in the San Agustin Square in the Center of Lima.

In this sense, they will also give free psychological care, screening for depression, be able to participate in weaving workshops, among other recreational activities for the general public. Likewise, some groups have joined this initiative: TLP Mujeres Perú and Sentido. Also, Kuyanakusun Community Mental Health Center, Mutual Mental Health Clinic, among others.


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