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Jorge “The Wicked” Arceformer Mexican boxer and winner of five world championships, went to the main auditorium of the Faculty of Public Accounting and Administration (FACPYA) to share his life experience with the students.

The conference titled “The promise that changed my life”led by the boxer, marked the start of FACPyA’s 70th anniversary celebrations and was organized in collaboration with the faculty council and representatives of Banca Afirme.

“Travieso” Arce shares the promise that changed his life

During his speech, “El Travieso” Arce recounted the events that shaped his life and transformed him from a child living in poverty in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, to a successful boxer who won five belts world championship in five different categories.

The promise to become champion

Jorge Arce’s story is full of obstacles and overcomings. He was born on July 27, 1979, in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, as the third son of a lower class family. However, from an early age, his father, Óscar Arce, encouraged him to love boxing and follow the path of this sport.

to share "Mischievous" Arce the promise that changed his life
“Travieso” Arce shares the promise that changed his life

After an accident in which his father nearly died, Jorge promised that if he survived he would become a world boxing champion. This promise is the one that gives the title to the conference and the one that marked the course of the life of “El Travieso”.

“My dad taught me the value of words,” Jorge recalls as he recounts how he felt compelled to fulfill his promise to become boxing world champion.

“Young people are the future of Mexico”

After training for a while watching videos and fights of other boxers, Jorge began to compete locally, although encouraged by a friend he attempted to cross the border into the United States to pursue his career.

Efforts to cross the north were in vain and the boxer ended up in Tijuana, where he began his career with promoter Fernando Beltrán. There he got his first world title fight against Juan Domingo Córdoba. The Sinaloan won the confrontation and on December 4, 1998 he became the youngest world champion.

to share "Mischievous" Arce the promise that changed his life
“Travieso” Arce shares the promise that changed his life

This successful start brought him admiration and fame as a boxer and also motivated him to continue practicing the sport and make it a way of life.

However, the boxer recalled that there were also bitter defeats that caused him to lose people’s affections and mentioned the advice his family gave him back then.

Learn to distinguish who are your friends and who are your belt friends.

Jorge “The Wicked” Arce

former mexican boxer

to share "Mischievous" Arce the promise that changed his life
“Travieso” Arce shares the promise that changed his life

Finally, after a raffle for autographed boxing gloves and several autobiographies, “El Travieso” Arce said goodbye to the contestants, but not before encouraging them to pursue their goals and strive to achieve their dreams.

“Anything they set out to do, they can achieve. Young people are the future of Mexico,” exclaimed the boxer from Sinaloa before saying goodbye.

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