Health diagnostic forums end at the Congress of Aguascalientes

This day concluded the activities of the Second Health Diagnostic Forum of the State of Aguascalientes, organized by the Public Health and Welfare Commission of the Congress of Aguascalientes for four days this week, with the presentation of 30 speakers specialists who have addressed the problems of older adults, pregnant women, young people, adolescents and infants, as well as proposals to improve their quality of life, safety, among others.

The member of the Public Health and Social Assistance Commission of the LXV Legislature, Deputy Genny López Valenzuela, thanked all those who participated in this medical meeting, not without mentioning beforehand that the Congress of the State of Aguascalientes has its doors open to receive, listen and assist all sectors of the population.

He explained that this forum will not be the last, but that others will come and of different themes so that together the authorities, the deputies and society can carry out the legislative reforms that people really need.


The first talk of the day was called “Perinatal Mourning”, given by Jéssica Robledo Santillán, who mentioned that according to INEGI figures, Aguascalientes is one of the entities in the country with the highest prevalence of stillbirths with 9 .1 percent for every 10,000 women aged 15-49; He explained that last year alone there were 361 fetal deaths; He acknowledged that although the problem is at a low state level, it is still above the national average.

She also mentioned that during pregnancy and childbirth, one in four women in the country suffers from obstetrical violence, “in Aguascalientes this figure was legally recognized until 2016”. The specialist proposed to modify the academic program to consider perinatal death and to establish assertive and empathetic support protocols.


Later, it was the turn of the psychologist Leticia Salcea, who spoke of “sexual abuse of children”, the speaker recognized that this problem was increasing every year, for which she spoke in favor of a multidisciplinary work to be able to assist , prevent and eradicate this problem, while regretting that only 2 to 3% of cases are reported, most of these facts being hidden because 95% of abuse is perpetrated by people close to the minor.

The specialist regretted that Aguascalientes is one of the states that imposes the highest sanctions against the aggressors, but she specified that there is still much to be done.


On his occasion, Dr. Carlos Raúl Carmona Vázquez addressed the topic of “autism”, which based his presentation on three points: autism spectrum disorders, state problems and solutions; He explained that autism is a brain condition that one is born with that affects communication and social interaction.

He urged MPs to legislate so that there can be rapid response schools for children aged one to six so that cases can be identified and helped better because if caught in time the quality children’s lives can be improved. autistic children.


Continuing the development of the forum, Doctor Jaime Hazael López Valdez presented the conference on Down syndrome, who mentioned that this condition can be identified during pregnancy through various medical studies, while expressing that the minor who has this disease You can suffer from different diseases, including: thyroid, hypotonia, obesity, among others; The specialist asked the deputy Genny López for her intervention so that public resources can be channeled to create a prenatal and care clinic for people with Down syndrome in the entity, which includes a medical office, rehabilitation areas, human resources and materials, among other points. .


On her occasion, the speaker, Nuria Gabriela Aldana Oviedo, spoke about “equine therapy”, the specialist pointed out that it is not an alternative, but a complementary therapy, for which she asked people who practice this activity to continue with the doctors who care for them; He also recalled that equitherapy is the technique of rehabilitation or physical, mental, behavioral or functional rehabilitation using the benefits of the horse as a therapeutic instrument, which is available in hippotherapy, therapeutic riding and sport riding.

Deputy Genny López promised with the rapporteur to establish working groups with the authorities and other legislators to support this type of programs that greatly benefit infants.


For his part, the specialist in elderly issues, Ernesto Ruiz Velasco de Lira, said that today the social pyramid is changing and therefore it is the responsibility of the State to implement public policies aimed at promoting an adequate and healthy environment for the elderly.

He explained the elements that an age-friendly city must have: access to housing, public transport, social participation, respect for inclusion, employment, communication, health services, spaces exteriors, among others.


In turn, Cesar Daniel Ruvalcaba, director of the Regional Center for Early Childhood Development and Stimulation, who said that this institution promotes the neurodevelopment of the population under 6 years of age in order to improve health, nutrition, among other factors so that they develop in a better way.

The specialist called for there to be budget items for early childhood, training workshops, the creation of a state program focused only on early childhood, prevention campaigns.


Finally, the presentation “One more day to live” was given, by the lawyer Ana Cecilia Vázquez; The specialist talked about how to treat the diseases that people suffer from, especially breast cancer in women, it is the number one cause of death, however, she indicated that this condition can also be suffered by men .

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