Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, the best ally for your moments of relaxation

We know that the Rush of work, traffic and commitments in your calendar have exhausted you, therefore, it is essential that you know the Lenovo P12 Pro Taba tool that helps you disconnect from the stress of routine to reconnect with your hobby.

Because in this life it’s not all about work and responsibilities, giving yourself space to relax, be pampered and breathe is essential so that your physical and mental performance is not affected. But to achieve this, you need to use the tools adequate. Those who, instead of reminding you of pending work, lead you to forget them for a moment to fully enjoy everything that excites you, calm down or have fun.

That’s why we want to tell you about it tablets who came to help you make these playful and relaxing moments something exceptional.

An all-access pass that helps you enjoy your personal time.Courtesy of Lenovo

You won’t let us lie, we all look forward to evenings and weekends to give us that personal time to relax and be entertained, and we do it all hand in hand with our devices favorites (call them TV screens, smartphones, or laptops), but nothing like having a gadget which is comfortable, easy to transport, to handle and, of course, which has the best technological and design specifications.

Although this tablet lenovo can be used as a support tool for your work, the reality is that the Tab P12 Pro It has been designed to bring you more in your personal life and its characteristics prove it:

amazing picture

You will be able to watch your favorite films and series in an alternative and totally original way thanks to its 12.6 AMOLED display” with 2K resolution at 120 Hz, 100% sRGB sound with Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and Gorilla Glass 5. Specifications that, without a doubt, give you quality of filter like never before, 100% real colors and a level of detail that will leave you speechless.

speed and performance

Its new Qualcomm processor The 8-core Qualcomm 870 processor and Adreno 650 graphics card maximize all your appsoffering you the best performance multitasking, all with incredible video quality. So you can open your social networks, listen to music and play a video game at the same time, without fear of crashing or slowing down.

Incredible memory and battery

As for the hardware, you can find this tablets with up to 8 GB of RAM, up to 256 GB of storage and with the possibility of expanding up to 1 TB via Micro SD. And the battery is one of the things to note, as it lasts up to 15 hours depending on how you use it.


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