Breast cancer: the Ministry of Health requests a periodic self-examination

The Secretary of Health of Bogotá calls on all citizens to take care of themselves to counter the cases of death due to this disease. Photo via:

The District Health Secretary, with the aim of preventing and rapidly detecting breast cancer, made a call the women and men of Bogotá practice self-examination at least once a month and periodically consult a doctor.

According to entity data, this disease caused the death of 598 women aged 50 to 54 in 2021with a higher number of cases in the cities of San Cristóbal, Barrios Unidos, Antonio Nariño and Puente Aranda, also during 2022 1,600 women were diagnosed breast cancer.

Thus, the population that saw the most concerned are women aged 70, followed by those between 60 and 64. The entity Health of Bogota carried out educational activities in the care environments of the territorial model ‘Salud a Mi Barrio’ and ‘Salud a Mi Vereda’ to encourage self-examination and promote attendance at health services

On the other hand, the secretariat pointed out that people who have not undergone a breast examination after 40, people between 50 and 69 without a mammogram and people with abnormal screening requiring a biopsy, They must be directed as soon as possible to their general practitioner or to a health point.

“All people over the age of 20 are invited to perform a breast self-examination; From the age of 40, the clinical examination must be followed every year, which is carried out by trained health professionals. And, after age 50, mammography (diagnostic imaging to detect abnormalities in breast tissue) should be done; This examination does not require authorization and the attending physician can request it,” added the Ministry of Health.

The Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, gave recommendations for the rapid prevention of this carcinogenic disease

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As for signs and symptoms to know for early identification and detectionthe entity has evidence of: hardening or swelling of part of the breasts, nipple depression or change in position, lumps or lumps in the breasts or armpits, redness or flaking of the nipple or breasts.

Similarly, discharge of secretion from the nipple, in periods other than lactation; pain anywhere in the breasts or armpits, any change in the size or shape of the breasts, and swelling in the armpit or around the collarbone.

Breast cancer most often presents as a painless mass; it is important that if a mass is discovered, a medical professional is consulted. The treatment can be effective, especially when it is detected in time”, underlined the entity.

On the other hand, the secretariat pointed out that this disease is malignant, with multiple causes and certain risk factors for its development may be excessive consumption of alcohol or tobacco, obesity, exposure to radiation components or family history, among others.

Finally, the Ministry of Health recalled that in the comprehensive health care services for women “MujerESalud”, located in the four Subnets Integrated Health Services, you can access advice and collective and individual services with a differential and preventive approach.

For more information on subnet hours, referral campaigns and breast cancer education, you can access the following link:


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