Indem Announces 2022 Morelos State Sports Award Winners

The winners are: Amelia Espinosa, Frida Salgado and David Betancourt, in sport; and Joel Rodríguez and Wendy García, in the coaching sector

The Director General of the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of the State of Morelos (Indem), Germán Villa Castañeda, indicated that the election process for the Sports Prize of the State of Morelos 2022 is was held, as well as a qualification jury composed of 10 members outside the said dependency, decided that it be offered to three athletes and two coaches.

He clarified that the athletes who obtained the highest number of points in the vote are: Amelia Isabel Espinosa Beltrán, a taekwondo specialist who, in a month, will represent Mexico at the World Taekwondo Championships Guadalajara 2022, earning her permanent in the said event during an evaluation at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR).

In addition to Frida Sofía Salgado Ortiz, a deaf person who exercises the discipline of para-taekwondo and who defended the tricolor flag during the Deaflympics held in Brazil in the modality of the forms; also, selected among Morelos in para-athletics silver medalist at the Paranational Games Conade Cancún 2021.

Germán Villa pointed out that the third athlete chosen as winner is David Jezreel Betancourt Olvera, a national kickboxing team that participated in the World Championship of this discipline in Jesolo, Italy; In addition, he established himself as a monarch in the WAKO North American and Caribbean Kickboxing Championship, in Quintana Roo.

“In the coach modality, two candidates with the highest score in the vote were selected, namely: Joel Agustín Rodríguez Flores, swimming and open water expert; as well as Wendy Lizette García Patiño, Olympic wrestling instructor; both having favorable results in national and international fairs,” he clarified.

It should be noted that the qualifying jury was composed of: Saúl Salvador Hernández García, president of the Boxing Association of the State of Morelos; Luis Fermín Hernández Morales, vice-president of the Association of Wheelchair Sports, Amputees and Short stature of the State of Morelos (Adesraem); Jonás Casademunt Maillé, winner of the Morelos State Sports Award 2021.

Addition of Clementina Sitges Berrondo, coach awarded the State Sports Prize in the previous edition; Marco Aurelio Serrano Gutiérrez, Azteca Morelos Television; Rubén Collector Neri, RC News; David Isacc Jiménez Serrano, sports enthusiasts; Misael Mitzi Flores, sports director of Temoac; Gabriel Gómez Romero, sports director of Xochitepec; and Abimael Quintana Paredes, representing Mirna Zavala Zuñiga, local congresswoman for the state of Morelos.

Finally, the head of the Sports Institute pointed out that an economic bag of 110 thousand pesos will be distributed to the five winners and that they will receive a medal of honor for their performance from October 11, 2021 to October 11, 2022, externalizing a congratulations to the creditors of the entity’s highest sporting distinction.


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